Startup Kits

Who Find It Helpful:

Overseas startups and project teams with innovative technologies

Interested in scaling your business in China

Keen to connect to local partners and resources

Lack of local support and guidance

In need of one-stop entrepreneurial services

Small budget for market research and promotion


Why China Business Starter Pack?

We provide a cost efficient solution for you to preliminarily explore the China market, understand your market position from a local perspective, and get your product initially testified in the market. For those who decide to enter the China market, our service can assist you in connecting to local partners and resources. We aim to help you address most entrepreneurial needs in China so that you are enabled to concentrate on your core business and research.


Term of Service:

One Year

What We Offer:

Service Scope

Level of Service




Feasibility Study Report On China Market Penetration

Project Showcase

Via WTOIP's Online Sources and Regular Offline Events

Use of Conference Facilities at IP Valleys

Incl. Guangzhou, Kunming and Mianyang

Project Promotion and Quarterly Promotion Report


Recommendation to Potential Partners and Resources


Communication & Coordination for Project Matchmaking

Destination Selection in China

Incl. Provision of Designated Office Site for Business Registration (Six months' rent can be waived)



One-stop Entrepreneurial Services

Incl. Business and Tax Registration, HR & Labor, IP etc. (Quality service providers will be recommended and service fees shall be charged separately by individual service providers)




How It Works?

    1. Client and WTOIP enter into service agreement.

    2. Client wires service fee to WTOIP within  7  days upon signing the agreement.

    3. Client submits project document & information as per the KYC Checklist requested by WTOIP for review.

    4. WTOIP produces Project Feasibility Study Report.

    5. WTOIP carries out project promotion via WTOIP's online sources and regular offline events.

    6. WTOIP recommends and pushes project to relevant parties (for advanced and premium services only).

    7. WTOIP delivers Quarterly Promotion Report (for advanced and premium services only).

If project catches an interest,

    8. Client and the third party enter into NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) via WTOIP's coordination.

    9. Client provides detailed project information & specification.

    10. WTOIP arranges online and offline meetings to facilitate cooperation.

    11. WTOIP assists project evaluation and collaborative negotiation upon request.

    12. Within the term of the service agreement entered by the Client and WTOIP, in the event where Cooperation Intention or Cooperation Agreement is achieved, WTOIP's standardized service concludes.