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Cooperation between WTOIP and Giza Concluded

2017-06-08 00:00:00.0

WTOIP and Giza, the largest venture capital in Israel, has entered into a strategic cooperation MoU on international technology transfer and innovative project investment. 


6 June 2017, Tel Aviv - The footprint expansion of WTOIPs IPIEC Global 2017 has officially rolled out from its initial destination as Tel Aviv of Israel, a country full of innovative charm.


Mr. Xie Xuhui, Chairman and President of WTOIP Group introduced IPIEC Global 2017 and its current preparation at the event promotion session. He further elaborated the primary motivation of this global tech event was to discover and import those outstanding technologies and startup talents from overseas, in the hope of forging a gateway to connect technologies with capital, startups with enterprises, promising projects with industry clusters, marketing operation with governmental policies, and ultimately providing comprehensive services as to global entrepreneurship and innovation for project realization and landing in China.


In response, Mr. Zeev Holtzman, Chairman & Founder of Giza Venture Capital - the largest VC in Israel, added that it would be a great matching for Giza VC and WTOIP since world-class technologies abound in Israel while WTOIP provides one-stop resource matchmaking services and thorough IP protection. He believes that the cooperation between two parties would generate synergy to achieve win-win situation. Hence, Giza VC is looking forward to bringing high quality technologies from Israel to China through broadened channels of WTOIP.  

Mr. Zeev Holtzman and Mr. Xie Xuhui

The 13 most active tech transfer institutions and incubators in Israel participated the promotion session. Mr. Benjamin Soffer, CEO of T3 Technion Technology Transfer, the largest technology transfer institution in Israel, jointly with Mr. Koby Simana, CEO of IVC introduced the tech transfer market in Israel with in-depth analysis to the participants. Followed by the presentations of Israeli technologies including cataract recovery and fish growth acceleration, the guests and investors at the session indicated their positive feedback and interests in these innovations.


Giza and WTOIP, main organizer of IPIEC Global 2017, reached a mutual agreement at the end of the promotion session in that during IPIEC Global 2017, Giza would invest over USD$100 million in the innovative projects as well as the cross-border technology transfer. Mr. Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv, Mr. Zeev Holtzman, Chairman & Founder of Giza Venture Capital, Mr. Xie Xuhui, Chairman and President of WTOIP Group joined together to witness the MoU signing, which reveals a crucial progress towards globalization of WTOIPs IP ecosystem.


Making Israel as the starting point, IPIEC Global 2017 aims to bring together the science and technology enterprises and investing institutions worldwide, hoping to establish a global joint force for a deep integration on intellectual property, marketing, finance and industrialization.