IPIEC Global 2018 will be Host Malaysian Session!

2018-03-13 00:00:00.0

March 7, 2018 - Amy Chan, Co-founder of WTOIP and Director of International Business Development, visited several key governmental and technological organizations in Malaysia recently, including Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre, NanoMalaysia, Bioeconomy, MDEC, MATRADE and Greentech Malaysia, to discuss potential cross-border cooperation.


After careful discussion and based on the grand success of last IPIEC Global, WTOIP, MATRADE and MDEC agreed to collaborate on the coming IPIEC Global 2018 Malaysian Session with the official press conference to be hosted in this June in Kuala Lumpur. Other organizations also agreed to join hands to provide comprehensive supports in terms of project recommendation for contest participation.

On the other hand, WTOIP is keen to work with our partners to assist promising Malaysian start-ups and project teams in development and scaling their businesses in China. Through WTOIP’s Starter Pack, dedicated to overseas enterprises, startups and project teams who are seeking to enter the China market, one-stop entrepreneurial services can be rendered through WTOIP’s platform, including but not limited to:


1. Provision of feasibility study report for project localization

2. Online project exhibition and offline promotion activities

3. Project recommendation and cooperation facilitation

4. Recommendation of high-quality entrepreneurial service providers

5. Destination Selection (City) and Office/Workplace Arrangement



Institutional organizations and enterprises present at meetings indicated their strong interests in the Starter Pack. Such cross-border collaboration between China and Malaysia, in line with China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, exceptional Malaysian tech projects will be equipped with WTOIP’s existing shared resources and channels to thrive in the China market.