IPIEC Global 2017 Final has made its Grand Success!

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Jan. 23rd, 2018, Guangzhou China - Hosted in Baiyun Hotel of Guangzhou, IPIEC Global 2017 Final was a grand success with Top 3 global projects selected by the panel of professional judges.

IPIEC Global 2017 Final

Final contest was attended by key Chinese government officials from municipal to state levels including Mr. Zhiying Chen, Executive Deputy Mayor of Guangzhou Municipality, Mr. Hongren Zhu, Executive Vice Chairman & Director General of China Enterprise Confederation/China Enterprise Directors Association, Mr. Dingda Ye, Deputy Director of SME Bureau of Ministry of Industry & Information Technology of the P.R.C., who also delivered their addresses and gave their positive recognition to IPIEC Global 2017. As an international innovation and entrepreneurship contest with growing influence, this event was also featured with our distinguished guests from Consulates of foreign countries such as Austria, Israel, Germany, South Korea, Iran, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and Malaysia as well as from foreign government bodies incl. UK Trade & Investment, Austrade, Trade & Investment Queensland, Australia, Italian Trade Agency Guangzhou Representative Office as well as our overseas strategic partners.

Top 10 Global Projects


Top 10 Global Projects are gathered again in Guangzhou to participate the ultimate battle for the global triumph and grand cash prize worth USD$100,000 for the champion, and they are:



Io-Engineered Micro 



Darim Technology of Virtual

 Video Synthesis and Live 


South Korea

PTX Tech

4D MMS Optical Sensor



Mobile Search Engine Based On AI



Cartilage Implant for 

Treating Joint Injuries


Graphene Ink

Preparation and Application of High-Performance 

Graphene Ink



Atomic-Forged Process 

with Rotors



Portable Single Cell Sorting and Analysis Platform



Visualized Information Management Platform Based On Big Data & AI



Robotic Telesurgery System with Force Feedback


*The above is listed in alphabetical order.

Panel of Judges

Panel of professional judges is consisted of investors from renowned investment institutions in China, and entrepreneurs of leading enterprises incl.: Jianjun Li, Vice Chairman of Kingfa Science, Kesheng Ou, IDG Senior Partner, Guofei Shen, Vice President of Guangdong Private Enterprise Investment Holding Ltd., Huanzong Long, Vice Chairman of Guangzhou Guochuang Fund Investment Holding Ltd., Xiaowu Shu, Partner of Fortune Capital, Weiwei Chen, President of Grass Roots Angel Investor Club, as well as Boon Xie, Chairman of WTOIP.

Global Top 3 of IPIEC Global 2017

Project showcase at the Final contest is consisted of three sessions:

1. 3-min video project introduction;

2. 3-min presentation;

3. 3-min recommendation/endorsement from a third party.

Upon completion of the above, judges raised professional inquiries to their projects relating to technological advantage, marketing strategy, business model, commercialization etc.

After carefully assessing each of the Top 10 contesting projects, Global Top 3 are decided by the judging panel and they are:


Global Champion: Betalin (Israel)


Second Place: PureForge (US)


Third Place: PTX tech 4D MMS (Germany)


Views’ Choice Award: Sina Robotic Telesurgery System with Force Feedback (Iran)

Congratulations to all of our outstanding contestants! Thank you all for coming all the way from your countries to deliver such stunning performances and every effort you have input for improving the development of your area. We are firm that our life continues to evolve along with this technological revolution, and your endeavours are part of this push, bringing us lots of hopes and inspiration. WTOIP is pleased to render our assistance to the global contestants of IPIEC Global 2017 in exploring the Chinese market in the coming future. More info about IPIEC GLOBAL 2017: https://buff.ly/2n7iznz