IPIEC Global 2017 At a Glance

2018-01-30 02:13:03.0

Jan. 23rd, 2018, Guangzhou China - Hosted in Baiyun Hotel of Guangzhou, IPIEC Global 2017 Final was a grand success with Top 3 global projects selected by the panel of professional judges.


IPIEC Global 2017 At a Glance

  • Overseas Sessions in 7 Countries: US, Germany, UK, Israel, South Korea, Russia, and Iran

  • Over 830 Projects Submitted Across The Globe

  • Global Top 10 Projects Selected at the Semi-Final in Dec. 2017 in Guangzhou, China

  •  Total Value of Tech Scouting & Funding from Leading Enterprises: More than USD$23,000,000

  • 46 Visits and Interviews Arranged for Leading Enterprises to Dig In and Analyze Tech Demands

  • 85 Projects Reported to Leading Enterprises for Matching

  • 15 Projects Achieved Cooperation Intention

  • 11 Projects Intended for Entering Cooperation

   Directed by:

  • China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises

  • SME Bureau of Guangdong Province

  • Industry and Information Technology Commission of Guangzhou Municipality

   Jointly Organized by:

  1. Guangzhou International Cooperation Zone of Advanced Manufacturing Industries of Chinese SMEs

  2. WTOIP

  3. Guangzhou Industry and Finance Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

  4. Chamber of Commerce of Guangzhou Industrial Parks

  5. Supported by innovation institutes from over 20 countries

We can't thank all enough for such stunning performances and every effort that every part of the IPIEC GLOBAL 2017  have input for improving the development of innovation and startup business. More info about IPIEC GLOBLA 2017: https://buff.ly/2n7iznz