IPIEC Global 2017 Top 10 projects are finally decided!

2018-01-09 00:00:00.0

After Global Top 30 contestants' fierce competition and careful assessment by the panel of judges represented by renowned industry experts and investors, the Global Top 10 projects are finally decided, and they are:


²  Betalin - Io-Engineered Micro Pancreas (Israel)

²  Carticure - Cartilage Implant for Treating Joint Injuries (Israel)

²  Darim - Technology of Virtual Video Synthesis and Live Broadcast

²  Graphene Ink (Germany)

²  Modo - Visualized Information Management Platform based on Big Data & AI (UK)

²  PTX Tech - 4D MMS Optical Sensor (Germany)

²  PureForge - Atomic-Forgedprocess with Rotors (US)

²  Qury Mobile Search Engine Based on AI (US)

²  RQmicro - A Portable Single Cell Sorting and Analysis Platform (Switzerland)

²  Sina - A Robotic Telesurgery System with Force Feedback (Iran)


Congrats to our finalists of IPIEC Global 2017! We are looking forward to seeing you all on Jan. 23rd in Guangzhou at the stage of final competition.


IPIEC Global 2017 Ÿ Final


8.30am-12.30pm,   2018/01/23



Guangzhou   Conference Room, Level 2, Baiyun Hotel



367 East   Huanshi Road, Guangzhou, China


For our Global Top 30 contestants, we sincerely thank you for your excellent performance and valuable contribution dedicated to the event. We are keen to work with you in the near future on China market exploration.

Please make sure you stay with us for more details coming out for the final competition! Together let's stay tuned for the global winner who will eventually clinch the trophy.