International Innovation Bootcamp 2017 Successfully Concluded

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Dec. 18, 2017, Guangzhou, China - International Innovation Bootcamp was concluded on Dec. 12, 2017 after the IP Business Gala Dinner was completed, where Top 30 contestants of IPIEC Global 2017 were invited as our important guests.


So let's take some moments to recap the stories throughout this wonderful journey.

Opening Ceremony of International Innovation Bootcamp 2017


On the first day of the Top 30 contestants’ stay in Guangzhou, Boon Xie, CEO and President of WTOIP, extended his warm welcome at IP Valley, WTOIP’s headquarter. To officially start the International Innovation Bootcamp, Boon made his opening address where he encouraged contestants to start their business and land their innovation and technology projects in China, which is greatly supported by the local government and people. He wishes that through WTOIP, promising global projects would match to the right local resources and thrive in the China market.

Workshop Designated to Global Contestants


Raphael Genis, a successful serial entrepreneur who is originally from Israel shared his entrepreneurial experience in China to the global contestants. Raphael has been living and working in China for years and knowledgeable on how to land overseas tech projects in China. He advised contestants to well plan their business development prior to China market penetration in order to save foreseeable hurdles. They should be realistic while confident since great supports are accessible in many local cities in China, the realm of technological innovation.


Representative of Tencent Cloud introduced its advanced services and products and explained how big data collected via Tencent’s comprehensive network can help optimize its clients’ businesses, accompanied by its advanced security for data transmission that would greatly benefit overseas users.

IPIEC Global 2017 Semifinal


IPIEC Global 2017 Semifinal was hosted by WTOIP for 2 days during December 8-9. Top 30 contestants from the US, UK, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Russia, South Korea, Iran, Malaysia, Hong Kong etc. delivered their best performances and showcased core advantages of their projects on stage, representing trendy tech of the industries such as IT, big data, AR/VR, smart manufacturing, new agriculture, new materials, pharmaceutics, automobile etc. 6 groups were formed out of 30 contestants so we had 5 contestants in each group, each of whom was given 5 min for roadshow on stage, followed by the 30-min direct meeting with investors for further communication and matchmaking. Apart from being an innovation contest, IPIEC Global serves a valuable opportunity of face-to-face communication between overseas entrepreneurs and local investors and enterprises who are keen to scout and invest technologies.


Visiting Top Enterprises: Xilong, Xiangxue & Liby


Being a large listed company specializing in bio-chemistry, Xilong Scientific is one of the top Chinese enterprises that offers grand tech funding at IPIEC Global 2017. After moving its headquarter to Shanghai, its industrial park in Guangzhou has been engaged as an incubator for helping young start-ups of the field grow via providing comprehensive entrepreneurial and commercialization supports. Contestants were highly interested in the incubator and actively seeking chances to ask questions and communicate with Xilong's representative.

Xiangxue Pharmaceutical was the next stop following Xilong. Mr. Yonghui Wang, Chairman of Xiangxue Pharmaceutical, welcomed the contestants at Xiangxue's headquarter in Guangzhou. According to Wang, Xiangxue is a longstanding TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) company with its focus on research, development, and production of medical products while the need of incorporating AI emerges nowadays to suit the rapidly-changing market, and he is very excited to seek cooperation with excellent tech from overseas. Mr. Boon Xie, Chairman of WTOIP also joined hands with Xiangxue to welcome our contestants.

Contestants also visited Liby Center, Liby's headquarter in Guangzhou. Ranked the 4th place globally, Liby is China's leading brand of laundry product. It was established in 1994 with its mission and corner stone ‘Making Every Family Healthy and Happy’. As an experienced and influential enterprise in China and worldwide, Liby is currently dedicated to helping startups grow with sophisticated facilities accessible from Liby Incubation Center. Global contestants were enthusiastic about development of innovative incubators in China.

Mars Summit


Mars Summit is the annual grand innovation gala in South China. Held in Shenzhen, this year's event was co-organized by WTOIP and highlighted by the presence of Sophia, the world's first robot citizen granted by Saudi Arabia. Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics, the company that made Sophia, explained to thousands of audience on site the development of Sophia and brought up the concept of AGI (“Artificial General Intelligence”) which they are currently working on to bring to reality so as to enable robotics to perform any intellectual task that a human being can. For many global contestants, this is their first time to see Sophia in person, adding diversity to their routine schedule with IPIEC Global.

Double 12 IP Business Summit


WTOIP’s annual IP Business Summit is the highlight of our Double 12 series of activities, where renowned economist like Prof. Xianping Lang, key management executives of leading enterprises in China like Xiangxue Pharmaceutical and Xiaomi as well as government officials attended the event this year to share their insights of the current status and development of intellectual property in China and its possible interactions with the world. This year the summit was even more electrifying by having Sophia on site as our guest, the world’s first robot citizen granted by Saudi Arabia. All of our global contestants were invited to the summit and inspired by the valuable sharing from the industry elites and experts in China so as to gain better understanding of the China markt and society.

IP Business Gala Dinner


Following the IP Business Summit, all contestants were invited to IP Business Gala Dinner, WTOIP's annual celebration since 2015 for IP and a grand award ceremony for the outstanding ‘IP Stakeholder’. An IP Stakeholder represents anyone who respects, utilizes, and/or protects intellectual properties. Each year we award The Most Popular IP Stakeholder, Pioneer IP Stakeholder, Top 10 IP Stakeholders and Star of IP Stakeholder, in a hope to wider spread out the concept of intellectual property across China and accelerate its utilization and commercialization. All contestants were thrilled to witness the most significant events of WTOIP of the year. This gala dinner also serves as a farewell party to our contestants before they depart for their home countries.

The International Innovation Bootcamp has officially concluded. Over the past week, all contestants brought together the brightest minds in their industry, sharing experiences and solutions, as well as introducing innovative concepts and new projects. The top 10 contesting projects of IPIEC Global 2017 will be announced after rigorous review. Stay tuned with us.

Last but not the least, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined our journey from all around the world for making it a great event. We wish all of our contestants to make your stories happen in China!