NHI Delegation from Korea Visited IP Valley

2017-09-01 00:00:00.0

Led by Mr. Lee Yunbeom, Consul of Korean Consulate General in Guangzhou, members of the 62nd New Manager Training Program of National HRD Institute from South Korea visited IP Valley, HQ of #WTOIP. Amy Chan, founder of WTOIP, gave an informative introduction to these young talents about WTOIP’s IP operation, global website functionality and the upcoming IPIEC Global contest. Amy extended her warm welcome for quality innovative projects from Korea to participate IPIEC Global 2017, for strengthening the Sino-Korean cooperation on technological innovation. 

Korean guests are highly interested in WTOIP’s experiences in IP operation and financing. Amy elaborated that WTOIP is an online entrepreneurial platform where resources of both IP and capabilities can be showcased and interacted so as for tech demanders to locate readily available IPs as well as tailored tech solutions. Also our well-equipped brokers can play a key role in securing exchange deals between the demand and supply sides via their trained negotiation and technology skills.

Regarding IP pledge and financing services, Amy introduced to the audience our I2P platform, where micro enterprises can apply and raise funds online through pledging their intellectual properties. In this way, the successful rate of fundraising can be greatly improved for micro enterprises, in comparison with the traditional financial means e.g. bank loans.


To wrap up the discussion, we shared with the audience WTOIP’s goals, which are the commercialization, industrialization, financialization and popularization of IP.