German Delegation Visits WTOIP to Seek Cooperation

2017-07-28 00:00:00.0

Jul 26, Guangzhou - The German delegation, accompanied by the Executive Deputy-Director of Huangpu District, Xian Yinsong, were warmly welcomed by Ms. Amy Chan and Mr. Edmont Rao, respectively the Co-founder and Vice-President of WTOIP at IP Valley, its headquarter in Guangzhou, China. The delegation and representatives of WTOIP went through a thorough conversation on the upcoming IPIEC Global 2017 and the cross-border technology transfer.

Mr. Edmont Rao, Vice-President of WTOIP, introducing WTOIP online platform to the guests

By demonstrating the functions and services of the international version of WTOIP online platform (, Mr. Edmont Rao further explained to the German guests that through this platform, the entrepreneurial resources across the globe can be brought together and showcased to the rest of the world. It also represents a scientific, efficient and accurate way of technology matchmaking by providing essential IP planning services, information of government supports, technology transfer and landing services etc., for the purpose of facilitating overseas enterprises to effectively seize the China market and accelerating the cross-border communication on innovative cooperation.

Representatives from star businesses in Germany incl. but not limited to Globex Food, EK Automation, AI Company Peqas GmbH were able to experience how the co-working space here in the Southern China can be a home to many young innovators and innovation companies.

Our German guests indicated their interests in working with WTOIP in the coming future to introduce technologies from their home country to China and to enhance the joint technological R&D. Many of them agreed that participating in IPIEC Global 2017 is definitely a good opportunity to commence the said cooperation. They would recommend enterprises and innovators in Germany to join the contest and look forward to seeing them get through to one of our overseas sessions of preliminary roadshow stage to be held in Frankfurt in Mid-October this year.  

Other overseas sessions of IPIEC Global 2017 will be held in the US, the UK, Korea, Israel and Russia during this September to October. WTOIP is taking the initiative with our best efforts to connect innovative technologies with capital, technology transfer with local clusters, marketing operation with government supports and policies, to boost the growths of innovators and entrepreneurs around the world.