The Official Opening Ceremony of IPIEC GLOBAL 2017

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Organization Committee and key officials join the launch ceremony on stage


The Official Opening Ceremony of IPIEC GLOBAL 2017 was held in the Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center on Thursday morning, June 29. The event was organized by the IPIEC GLOBAL Organization Committee, including Advisory Organizations the China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, the SME Bureau of Guangdong Province, the Industry and Information Technology Commission of Guangzhou Municipality, along with Joint Organizers the Guangzhou International Cooperation Zone of Advanced Manufacturing Industries of Chinese SMEs, WTOIP Group, the Guangzhou Industry and Finance Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Chamber of Commerce of Guangzhou Industrial Parks.


Representatives of Consulate Generals and international organizations show their support to IPIEC GLOBAL 2017


Around 500 guests were present at the inauguration ceremony, among them China government officials, local enterprises’ representatives, investment firms and journalists. Representatives of Consulate Generals and international organizations in Guangzhou, including USA, Germany, Russia, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Malaysia also showed their supports for the event and made their presence.



IPIEC GLOBAL 2017 has received full support from local China top enterprises, including Kingfa, XPH, GAC Group, DaAn GENE, GoldSun, GGEC, CVTE and PCI that together made an official announcement during the opening ceremony to offer more than 150 million CNY in funding to outstanding international innovations. Top enterprises from trending industries provided specific demands for technology they are after related to their industry sectors and will reward satisfactory technological solutions with funding, as well as comprehensive entrepreneurial support. This move sets to achieve an unprecedented improvement in matching accuracy between international innovators and local China investors.

IPIEC GLOBAL was fortunate to have a wide range of speakers representing major international institutions to take part in the International Panel Discussion. International distinguished panelists including Mr. Aamod Omprakash, Economic Consul of the United States Consulate General Guangzhou, Dr. Maxim Shvedov, Representative in China of the Tomsk Region Administration of the Development Corporation of Tomsk Region, Mr. Sebastian May, Department Head of Market Entry of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Jon Eivind Stø, Head of Commercial Section of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General Guangzhou and Ms. Sherry Pan, Deputy Head of Information Economy Sector, UK Trade and Investment of the British Consulate-General Guangzhou, shared their perspectives and insights on innovation in their countries. Mr. Omprakash expressed his strong impression of the current state of innovation in Guangzhou, stressing that there are many outstanding companies engaged in breakthrough research projects. He pointed out the need for an knowledge exchange bridge that should be established between Guangzhou and Silicon Valley institutions, enabling local Chinese companies to learn from their US counterparts to turn innovation into a part of their corporate strategy. Ms. Pan stressed the great importance of the Sino-UK knowledge exchange. The British government has recently established a Newton Fund initiative aimed at strengthening Sino-UK R&D cooperation. Many local China companies are thus encouraged to engage in common research projects with British universities or companies to together work on innovative technological solutions.


The speakers emphasized their hope for their country’s innovators eager to enter China market with their innovative product to find suitable China business partners through the IPIEC GLOBAL 2017. As China is being perceived as a huge and an ever-developing market, this creates an unparalleled opportunity for overseas start-ups or medium-sized enterprises to localize in China and carve a business niche in the market with their pioneering technologies.  

Representatives of Consulate Generals and international organizations share their countries perspectives on innovation on International Panel Discussion


IPIEC GLOBAL strives to set a new path for Sino-foreign cooperation with the purpose of promoting integration of intellectual property, entrepreneurship and innovation exchange. The IPIEC GLOBAL Organization Committee thus warmly welcomes international innovators to showcase their great ideas and realize their inventions. Interested parties can register and submit their projects via IPIEC GLOBAL official website.


Take part in the IPIEC GLOBAL adventure and make your story happen in China!