WTOIP and MUCTR Exploring Cooperation Opportunity

2017-06-14 00:00:00.0

8 June, 2017, Moscow - Mr. Xie Xuhui, Chairman and President of WTOIP and Professor Vladimir Kolesnikov, Rector of  D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (MUCTR) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement on IPIEC Global 2017 during the campus visit.

MUCTR is one of the leading technology universities of Russia. Founded in 1898, MUCTR has been training applied engineers for industrial needs. At present the university provides training of the professionals for chemical technology branch and scientific researches in the field of chemical technology, petrochemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical technologies, nanotechnology and nanoengineering, energy and resource efficient technologies, etc.

After the introduction of WTOIP and IPIEC Global 2017 given by Mr. Xie, Prof. Vladimir Kolesnikov expressed the cooperation desires with WTOIP in that MUCTR as a leading technology university in Russia, is in a perfect position to gather qualified tech projects originated from the campus to participate the contest as well as to match the technology scouting requirements of the top enterprises in China. Besides, MUCTR can send their prestigious experts in the field of new material to join the judging panel of IPIEC Global 2017, aiming to form a comprehensive cooperation between WTOIP and MUCTR.

For the establishment of mutual benefits in terms of technology exchange and transfer, WTOIP and MUCTR together signed up a strategic cooperation agreement at the end of the discussion meeting. The meeting was successfully wrapped up with the gift exchange session between Mr. Xie Xuhui and Prof. Vladimir Kolesnikov.