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A Visit to Hebrew University Strengthening Sino-Israel Tech Collaboration

2017-06-13 00:00:00.0

8 June, 2017, Jerusalem - Subsequent to the promotion session of IPIEC Global and the strategic collaboration entered with Giza, the largest VC in Israel, WTOIP continued to expand our footprint to Jerusalem where we met with Yissum, the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to conduct an in-depth discussion on cross-border technology transfer and promotion.

Founded in 1964, Yissum has been working closely with Hebrew University researchers and staff with a focus on making technologies commercially viable and desirable in the marketplace. With its tremendous efforts spent, Yissum has granted over 880 technology licenses since establishment and successfully commercialized an array of products that generate over $2 billion in global sales every year.

During the visit, Mr. Xie Xuhui, Chairman and President of WTOIP, introduced to Mr. Tamir Huberman, Vice President of Yissum the positioning of WTOIP as a resource sharing platform for entrepreneurial services with focus on intellectual property, together with our current Scholastic Program on the go that connects projects and technologies from research institutes and universities to the markets and helps achieve commercialization. Mr. Xie further added that WTOIP has formed a bridge of resource-matching to address the issue of idle intellectual properties from universities, research institutes, large enterprises and independent inventors and connect them with demands of SMEs.

In response, Mr. Tamir Huberman reckoned that WTOIP’s platform would play an active role in bringing technologies in and out of Israel as well as in cross-border technology transfer, which would achieve synergy that generate mutual benefits for both parties.

Collaboration model between WTOIP and Yissum will be under further discussion. In the coming future, WTOIP is looking to work together with Yissum and Hebrew University, the top academic and research institution in Israel, on the broader benefits from innovation and entrepreneurship for the communities in both countries.