WTOIP and Hurun Report Jointly Launched WTOIP·Hurun Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2018

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During the International IP Business Festival 2018, WTOIP·Hurun Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2018 were jointly launched by WTOIP and Hurun Report. Moutai, Taobao, Tencent, ICBC, Tmall, CCB, Ping’An and Wechat made the list of Top 100.


'The core value of enterprises lie in their brands and intellectual properties. We are hoping to see more emerging platforms and services resembling WTOIP in China’s intellectual property industry, and at the same time to see more and more Chinese enterprises better deploy their intellectual assets especially trademark and patent, with the reference of the report we launch today', said Rupert Hoogewerf.


Some key indicators:

* Moutai tops the list with CNY 270 billion of brand value, up 7 places from last year.

* Taobao, No. 1 for the past two years, drops to second with CNY 255 billion, followed by Tencent with CNY 245 billion.

* Huawei becomes the Most Valuable Smartphone Brand, up 3 places from last year, while its related brand Honor shot straight in at 52nd. Smartphones have become the most successful international ‘Made-in-China’ brand.

* Tmall shot up 5 places to 5th.

* 34 new brands shot straight into the list and 8 of them into the Top 100, which are Yu'ebao (Fintech), Pinduoduo (e-commerce), Honor (digital product), Dream Blue (wine), HaiDiLao (chain hotpot restaurant), Kuaishou (streaming video app), Guojiao 1573 (wine) and Tik Tok (streaming video app).

* Brand value of OPPO (smartphone) has grown four-fold for the past year, making it the one with largest growth on the list, followed by Cainiao (logistics), VIVO (smartphone) and WeBank who doubled their brand value.

* Media and communication brands represented by iQIYI, Kuaishou and Tik Tok have experienced fasted growth, followed by wine and digital products.

* Alibaba led the parent companies that have most listed brands, followed by Meituan-Dianping and Yanghe with 3 on the list.

* 70% of the list is headquartered in Beijing (60 brands), Shanghai (34 brands), Shenzhen (22 brands), Hangzhou (15 brands) and Guangzhou (11 brands).

* Financial services and real estate are still the most powerful dual-driving force for brands: 39 brands from financial services, down 4 from last year; and 25 from real estate, down 3 on last year, making up 30% of the list, followed by daily service with 19 brands listed, up 2 from last year.

* Affected by the plunge of the stock market, total value of the Top 200 Chinese brands fell for the first time, down 13% from last year to CNY 5.6 trillion. Rupert Hoogewerf said: "This year's environment has definitely affected brand value. Due to the decline of the stock market, the market value of many brands' parent companies has declined."

* Hurun Chinese Brands Global Innovators 2018 Top 10: DJI, Haier, Huawei, Lenovo, OPPO, Tsingtao, Honor, TCL, VIVO and MI. According to Rupert Hoogewerf, these 10 brands are the most innovative ones in the global market, and smartphone is the most successful international product originated from China. Chinese airlines, the first product introduced to the overseas consumers, have been surpassed by these emerging smartphone brands.

* Hurun Most Innovative Chinese Brands 2018 Top 50 - Most brands come from media and e-commerce/retail: 10 from media, 7 from e-commerce/retail, 6 from daily services, digital products and finance services respectively. Most Innovative Chinese Brands 2018 Top 50 are headquartered in Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai.

This is the 13th consecutive year for Hurun Report to release the Most Valuable Chinese Brands and the first time to release Chinese Brands Global Innovators and Most Innovative Chinese Brands.

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