WTOIP and UniTrust Time Stamp Authority Signed and Announced the Strategic Cooperation on Co-establishing the Copyright Protection System

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Upon releasing the first 'Blockchain Copyright Registration Certificate', WTOIP is thrilled to embrace another breakthrough in cooperation. On 7 March 2019, WTOIP and UniTrust Time Stamp Authority (TSA) signed and announced the strategic cooperation on co-establishing the copyright protection system, aiming to enhance IP protection awareness of copyright owners and explore further possibilities in digital copyright.


TSA is the only authentic time stamp service center established by China's National Time Service Center. TSA has begun its services in the field of intellectual property rights (IPR) since 2006, and is committed to providing customers with effective time-stamped intellectual property protection, electronic evidence curing, electronic contracts, electronic archives etc.


Going forward, TSA and WTOIP will jointly provide copyright owners with instant copyright protection, by engaging the authentic time stamp as the validation evidence of copyright, to address the difficulty in evidence collection, high cost and long processing period. Yin Qi, co-founder of WTOIP, mentioned in her speech that WTOIP is looking to promote the legalization, commercialization and timeliness of copyright services via this collaboration.

About Authentic Time Stamp

Authentic Time Stamp is an electronic certificate issued by the TSA, serving as a valid evidence of the existence and integrity of electronic data without the need of acquiring electronic data or contents. It is widely applied in electronic data, digital contracts, certificates, bills, notes etc.

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