IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Russian Chapter: Connecting Global Innovative Technologies

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September 20, 2018, Moscow, Russia - After the preliminary contests in Hong Kong (China), UK, Israel and South Korea, IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 hit Russia on September 20, 2018. Russian Chapter was jointly organized by WTOIP and Continent Capital LLC at Moscow State University Science Park Conference Hall.


Edmont Rao, Senior Vice President of WTOIP, mentioned in his welcoming speech that since 2017 WTOIP has been organizing the IPIEC GLOBAL contest with remarkable progress achieved on the launch of overseas technology in China. This year the contest will be assembled with enhanced services, broader network and in-depth matchmaking, in an attempt to introduce more technologies around the world to China, and to impel cross-border tech transfer and commercialization.


Prior to the roadshow section, Edmont, Mr. Nikolay Zaichenko, Partner of Nevsky Law, and Mr. Alexander Antipov, Vice Director for Venture Capital were gathered on the stage for a panel discussion on starting business, IP standards and protection, project financing and international cooperation in China, during which Edmont provided useful suggestions to Russian projects who intent to enter the China market.


The panel discussion is followed by roadshow of 13 projects, ranging from Smart Manufacturing, IT, Biomedicine, New Energy to AI & Big Data, New Materials, GreenTech etc. All contesting projects were highly proficient and professional, encouraging the judges to actively communicate with the contestants to better understand the projects. 


After careful assessment and thoughtful consideration, contestants qualified to advance into the Semi-final are:
* Automated Systems for Laser Processing Surface Thermal Treatment(TermoILazer)
* Fuel Cell Power Systems for Drones and Robots
* LHP Technology for Data Centers


Subsequent to the roadshow and contest, Edmont also paid a visit to the Skolkovo Innovation Center, one of the largest Hi-tech industrial parks in Russia, to enjoy the communication chance with local startups and understand their specific demands related to China market entry. It is hoped that in the near future some of these technologies that stem from Russia can glow in China, through which the Sino-Russian friendship can be bolstered with strengthened cross-border technological collaboration and exchange.

IPIEC Global is an innovation and entrepreneurship contest to promote revolutionary technologies, and to improve the awareness of the general public about technology trends and IP concepts.

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