IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Hong Kong Chapter Concluded on May 17th as Part of the Entrepreneur Day event series

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May 17, 2018, Hong Kong, China - IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Hong Kong Chapter and STARTHUB Competition 1.0 was concluded on May 17th, 2018 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, as part of the Entrepreneur Day event series.


Hosted by Angel Investment Foundation, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and STARTHUB, and organized by Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business and WTOIP, the contest aims to inspire enterprises and investors to actively support startups and young entrepreneurs, helping them with resources, funding, experience and technologies for sustainable growth.


As part of the IPIEC GLOBAL 2018, contestants from Hong Kong chapter will also enjoy tech scouting and funding worth USD$33,000,000 offered by industrial parks and top tier enterprises across China.

Panel of judges was formed by 20 professionals from various industries, including Amy Chan, the Co-founder and Director of International Business Development of WTOIP. The spot was fully filled by the contestants, judges, special guests and representatives from 20+ media.

After the fierce while informative project roadshows, Novus Life Sciences Limited and its technology that specializes in the research of biological bone materials used for repairing structural damage caused by bone aging, was awarded The Best Investment Value Award and would advance into IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Semifinal conducted in December.


MADgaze was awarded The Panel of Judges Award. It is a project associated with smart glasses and the ecosystem dedicated in commercial and consumer market.

For other projects from Hong Kong, written assessment will be arranged to score and decide its eligibility of entry into the Semifinal of IPIEC GLOBAL 2018. So submit your application now to access to the vast China market and opportunity: www.wtoip.com/ipiecglobal_en

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