IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 German Chapter Successfully Concluded

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On October 22, IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 German Chapter was successfully held in Germany, the world's most innovative country in the latest Global Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum. More than 100 startups from Germany, Austria, France, Czech, Poland, Spain and Italy were attracted to join the contest. After the preliminary selection, 17 startup projects gained the ticket to present their technologies and products to the judges and guests.


Through the mass promotion to chamber of commerce, incubators, universities and startup companies, as well as the information released by our partners including Zhongde Metal Group, China SME Center Germany, M&A Dialogue, BVMW and German Startups Association, IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Germany Chapter has gained extensive attention and support prior to the contest. Only in 2 months' time, more than 100 quality projects have confirmed to join the German Chapter.


Special guests including Mr. Zuoqian Xie, First Secretary of the Technology Department of the Embassy of China, Dr. Stefan Drews, German Accelerator Program of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, and Mr. Frantisek Chaloupecky, VP of the Confederation of Industry of Czech Republic spoke respectively prior to the roadshows. They highly recognized the positive significance of IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 for connecting global technologies and promoting the exchange of global technologies.


Edmont Rao, Senior Vice President of WTOIP, gave a detailed introduction of IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 during his speech. IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 is a global innovation startup gala guided by MIIT, organized by WTOIP, China International Cooperation Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Information Center etc., and it has concluded its preliminary contest in Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Israel, South Korea, Russia and Malaysia, greatly facilitating international transfer and transformation of outstanding global innovation and entrepreneurship achievements.


Panel of judges was formed by reputed German and Chinese experts and they are:
- Mr. Edmont Rao, WTOIP
- Dr. Winter, Director of Innovation of Acatech
- Mr. Gerold Muhr, Executive Advisor, ZEB Business School (Steinbeis Foundation)
- Ms. Jenna Matz, Start-up Advisor of Humboldt University
- Mr. Andreas Hube, Global Vice President of SAP

They evaluated the potential commercial value, analyzed the strength and weakness, and gave constructive suggestions to each of the contesting projects.


With the global influence of IPIEC GLOBAL, the German Chapter has brought together the latest technology achievements in the field of new generation IT, AI and big data, biomedicine, advanced manufacturing, new materials, new energy etc., gaining a wide attention from all the guests and judges.


At the roadshow section, contestants demonstrated their technology, business model and solutions in details, whose unique concepts, promising market opportunity, and forward-looking industrial perspective impressed the judges and guests. Apeptico from Austria in biomedicine, Femto Fiber Tec in smart manufacturing and OakLabs in artificial intelligence from Germany went through the contest of 17 companies, who will attend the Semi-final contest in Mianyang, China in early December. They will compete with the Global Top 30 for the $100,000 championship prize, join the round-trip pitching and matchmaking across China to pitch local investors and enterprises, and participate in the International Innovation Bootcamp to gain professional startup coaching for better entering the China market.


Introduction of IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 German Chapter Top 3 Projects
The project team members are physical chemistry scientists from the Max Planck Institute and the Aachen University of Technology. They have developed a novel and effective clinical trial patient selection method that reconfigures the diagnostic development process. The use of innovative algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop biomarker signatures to accurately predict the (non)reaction of a particular drug is extremely accurate.

The project team member is top biomedical experts from Europe, including Vienna.  They created the first and only compound to accelerate alveolar fluid clearance in two clinical trials, to restore lung-permeable edema (using mechanically ventilated patients) and by Physiological lung function in patients with primary transplant dysfunction caused by lung transplantation. Application of Solnatide aerosol enhances gene level of epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) expression and activates ENaC for pulmonary edema clearance.

Femto Fiber Tec
The company is the first in the world to realize the production of commercial fs FBG (fiber Bragg grating) sensor. The advantages of The FBG sensing technology includes :temperature stability up to 1000 °C; not susceptible to humidity and radiation;High resolution measurement with extremely low scattering loss.

IPIEC Global is an innovation and entrepreneurship contest to promote revolutionary technologies, and to improve the awareness of the general public about technology trends and IP concepts.

WTOIP Global
Email: ipiecglobal@wtoip.com

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