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Smart Choice Leads to Thorough IP Protection

“Technology empowers us with core competitiveness which is the key to the business endurance”, said by ZHANG Baoan from Zhongshan KLD Electronic.

Talking about the reason why he chose WTOIP as the partner for intellectual property services, he reckoned that it was the reputed professionalism with endorsement from a friend of his. Zhongshan KLD and WTOIP has been working together on patent application and hi-tech enterprise accreditation. Today Zhongshan KLD has been accredited as a National Hi-Tech Enterprise with 9 utility model patents and 5 invention patents, enabling the company to be fully covered by IP protection and professional mentoring and guidance from WTOIP upon patent granting. Besides, more intellectual assets have led to enhanced customer recognition and loyalty.

A Decade’s Effort makes Automation Miracle

Looking back at the beginning of his entrepreneurship, ZHANG, who first started his career in manufacturing, said that it was the courage brought to him by the wave of China's Reform and Opening-up. In 2008, ZHANG founded Zhongshan KLD, a company committed to the R&D, design, manufacture and sales of electronic equipment, fixture, non-standard automation and precision machinery parts.

After a decade’s efforts paid by all KLDers, KLD has established itself as a strong player in the non-standard automation and fixture design industries with client network reached to Samsung Electronics, Casio, Wistron, Lite-On, Sanyo, through which the working efficiency and test accuracy has been largely improved throughout clients’ enterprises and benefits of KLD’s products have been realized.

With WTOIP, Embrace the Global Future

According to ZHANG, fund deficiency or IP difficulty has never hindered the development of the company. “Although being short of fund is a recurrent issue, IP difficulty is always fundamental. At the very beginning, we were not visionary enough to deploy our IP strategy, leading to the occurrence of counterfeit products that have caused devastating damage to the business. Therefore we will, for sure, continue our cooperation with WTOIP so as to have strong and secured IP protection”, said by ZHANG.

KLD has successfully opened up its global markets in Southeast Asia. ZHANG reckons that with proven R&D capability, superb after-sale services, cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and high-calibre talents, KLD will embrace a brighter future.

Coming forward, WTOIP will provide ongoing support for KLD’s innovative development and breakthrough with our extensive IP expertise.

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