IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 UK Chapter Unveiled at London Tech Week

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June 13, 2018, London, UK - Hosted by WTOIP and IDEALondon as a component of Startup & Scaleup Stream at London Tech Week, IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 UK Chapter was successfully wrapped up with the winner selected to advance into the Semi-final held in this December in China.

Amy Chan, Co-founder of WTOIP, noted in her opening address that WTOIP as a global IP and entrepreneurial resource-sharing platform, has initiated the creative mode of“Technology Scouting and Funding by Leading Enterprises”during the 1st session of IPIEC GLOBAL to impel cross-border communication and development on science and technology. With constructive support of the organizing committee, some of the contest participants have made their strategic moves to launch in China, gaining access to funding, policy incentives and multiple resources. This year, this mode will be expanded to cover a larger range of top enterprises, and for the first time the industrial parks in China. Therefore a new session of IPIEC GLOBAL with enriched services, strengthened platform and brand new mode can be expected to boost global technology transfer and commercialization.


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upfileAmy Chan, Co-founder of WTOIP, Daniel Fozzati, Head of Product Development & Enterprise Partnerships Manager at IDEALONDON, Nathalie Cachet-Gaujard, Director of Education & Innovation of CBBC and Tom Stone, Partner of AI Seed Fund attended the event and delivered live assessment to the participating projects based on their roadshow performance, covering a broad range of industries including AI, blockchain, IoT, cybersecurity, fintech, big data, green tech etc. Assessment and scoring were conducted as per the business model, innovativeness, application scenario and team composition of each project. 

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After the enthusiastic roadshows and careful assessment, Unifi.id turned out to the winner of UK Chapter who was qualified to advanced into the Global Semi-final as one of the Top 30 contestants of IPIEC GLOBAL 2018. It will then compete with the other peer contestants to clinch the global champion and win the compelling prize worth USD$100,000. Top 30 contestants will also be eligible to join the round trip in China to pitch their projects to local investors and potential partners and attend the annual International Innovation Bootcamp, where they can access to opportunities of consultation and workshops offered by prestigious investors, entrepreneurs and experts to fine tune their BPs and gain better understanding of the China market.


WTOIP, as a convergence of enterprises, organizations and individuals with entrepreneurial and innovative resources, has been working to forge an integrated platform to collect, gather, manage, exchange and share resources, aiming to fuel the exchange of technical talents, skills and technologies across the globe and ultimately technology transfer and IP commercialization. 


About Unifi.id


Unifi.id seamlessly identifies and allows for communications with customers and employees, in real-time, in your space, automating real-time business decisions with powerful, hands-free IoT technologies. The platform captures and improves each individual user’s journey, with personalized treatment and automated notifications, delivering better management of buildings.

Seed funding of £105,000

Innovate UK Grant for £250,000

About IDEALondon


IDEALondon is a post-accelerator centre in the heart of London’s Tech City, run by Cisco, UCL Engineering and EDF Energy. IDEALondon provides high-potential technology with space and support it requires to grow into a flourishing, sustainable business. 

New commercial opportunities and partnerships. Help with product development. Access to funding and talent. A place to collaborate with other forward-thinking entrepreneurs. IDEALondon aims to offer all these to the start-ups joined. Since its launch in 2012, it helped dozens of start-ups raise over £40 million between them, creating more than 400 jobs in the process.

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