IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Israeli Chapter Concluded on August 27 in Tel Aviv, Israel

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IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Israeli Chapter, organized by WTOIP and Israel Commerce Union, was successfully concluded on August 27, 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel, by roadshows of 19 outstanding projects, which encompassed a wide spectrum of industries from Biotech, New Energy, Advanced Materials to AI, IoT, Smart Agriculture, Blockchain etc.


The contest was officially started with a welcoming speech from Ms. Amy Chan, Co-founder and Director of International Business Development of WTOIP, who extended warm welcome to all the guests and contestants and special gratitude for the professional judges present. Amy also introduced in her speech IPIEC GLOBAL 2018, covering the grand technology scouting and funding and the dedicated benefits for participants this year.

As one of the highlights, the judging panel was consisted of 9 prestigious experts and industry leaders as below, who together delivered professional assessment to the Israeli contestants and constructive feedback to help them scale in the Israel and China market:


* Mr. Amnon Mader, Founder, Former President and CEO of Isracard Ltd.
* Mr. David Zigdon, President and CEO of Rad Biomed Accelerator
* Mr. Gideon Barak, Co-Founder and Chairman of Navin
* Mr. Ilan Ackerman, VP of Sales for Sqream
* Mr. Shemer Topper, Office of The Director, Kidun-R&D Applications and Technology Transfer
* Mr. Hu Hao, Operation GM of China Youth Venture Capital
* Mr. Lin Jianqiang, GM of GuangDa Industry Investment Co., Ltd.
* Dr. Shan Lei, CEO of Uni-innovation Pharmaceuticals
* Mr. Tian Zhengwu, Former GM of Guangdong Yueke FOF Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Upon fierce competition and careful consideration of the judges, these projects were selected as the top 3 of IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Israeli Chapter to advance into the Semi-final held in early December in China:


* Butterfly, a small invasive treatment technology used to treat prostate hyperplasia
* Alpha TAU, a solid tumors innovative radiotherapy technology
* 3Gsolar, a dye solar cell technology that makes breakthrough performance in low-light condition

Semi-finalists will also join the round-trip pitching and matchmaking in several destinations across China to pitch local investors, enterprises and industrial parks, so as to multiply the matchmaking scale and efficiency.

One-on-one Matchmaking
One-on-one meetings between Israeli contestants and Chinese investors were subsequently arranged by WTOIP, where Chinese investors can spend more time in gaining in-depth understanding of the business models, development trend and team members of the Israeli projects, and provide detailed and helpful advises on how to enter the China market  tactically.


Congratulations to all Israeli winners! We look forward to your excellent results in the Semi-final in China!

IPIEC Global is an innovation and entrepreneurship contest to promote revolutionary technologies, and to improve the awareness of the general public about technology trends and IP concepts.

About Israel Commerce Union (ISCU)
Israel Commerce Union Co., Ltd. is officially headquartered in Hong Kong in 2016. ISCU is devoted to providing resources matching channels with strategic values, penetrating market research and project feasibility study.

With the support of Chinese local governments, Embassy of Israel in Beijing, Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou, and trusted and boosted by Israeli enterprises, ISCU continues serving as a "bridge between China and Israel" in the business world.

WTOIP Global
Email: ipiecglobal@wtoip.com

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