A Letter to All the Global IP-Stakeholders from CEO of WTOIP on Its 5th Anniversary

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Dear IP-Stakeholder:

This August Boao is sparkling with our sensational passion.

This joyful moment marks WTOIP's 5th anniversary. It has been a grateful and hopeful period for us. Originated from Boao, we have been making ceaseless efforts to grow in the last 5 years. Today, we are back here, accompanied by this beautiful beach and blue sky, to celebrate and mark WTOIP's most crucial moment throughout this 5-year period, indicating a whole new era of global IP-Stakeholders.

During this extraordinary 5-year period, a newborn startup has become an industrial leader; a country has transcended itself to rise on the world stage; a whole new global landscape has been shaped. As for WTOIP, we have successfully gathered numerous IP-Stakeholders across the globe to collectively forge a whole new era of IP Business.

During this 5-year period, the Chinese economy is getting inseparable with the world's. The looming technological revolution around the world and the continuous emergence of strategic industries lead to China's transformation from rapid growth to high-quality growth, while the world has been fueled with China's innovation power in return.  

During this 5-year period, the new era of intellectual property in China has arrived. With the in-dept integration of IP, AI, big data and blockchain, the policies related to "Strengthening the nation via IP", "Innovation-driven development", "Mass innovation and entrepreneurship", "Bolstering cybersecurity" have been considered extremely significant and strategic in the report of the 19th CPC National Congress.

During this 5-year period, we have been devoted to IP-Stakeholders. WTOIP has put in large efforts to launch activities including: Global IP Business Conference, Double-12 IP Business Festival, IPIEC Contest Series, IP Business China Tours, and take an active part in the top-tier national events such as Boao Forum for Asia, World Internet Summit, GMIC, China International Big Data Industry Expo, Global IP Business Summit, China International Import Expo, China Hi-Tech Fair, China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Trade Expo etc., aiming to promote IP businesses to the general public.

During this 5-year period, we have deployed globalization of IP Ecosystem, connecting China to the other countries. The operations center located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Silicon Valley of the US, Geneva of Switzerland have been established. The SKU of IP exchange and services has exceeded 10 million. Global partnership on cross-border technology transfer has been widely formed with: 37 countries, 300+ technology transfer institutions, 500+ universities and colleges, effectively bridging the innovative resources around the world. 

During this 5-year period, with your constant trust, we have received great honors and recognition: WTOIP has become the strategic partner of the 4th World Internet Conference · Wuzhen Summit, and the sole IP cloud and entrepreneurial service provider of China International Big Data Industry Expo. Besides, IP Valley has been accredited the National Co-working Space in China. WTOIP's IP Exchange Center has been officially included as the key project in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. In 2018, WTOIP has been selected as the Top 100 China Unicorns, as well as the Unicorn of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area valued at USD$1.3 billion.

We are sincerely grateful for your constant company, trust and support over the last 5 years, with which we have grown tremendously.

Originated from Boao, our original mission and principle is never forgotten. Over the 5-year period, we, together, have been fortunate enough to be part of China's extraordinary IP development and its brand new chapter as a technology superpower. In the coming 5 years, WTOIP will be working even harder with you for a brighter and prosperous future!

Boon, Xie
Chairman and CEO of WTOIP

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