IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Israeli Chapter will be Held on August 27 in Tel Aviv

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IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Israeli Chapter will be jointly held by WTOIP and Israel Commerce Union (ISCU) on August 27, 2018 in Tel Aviv, the place widely acknowledged as the city of innovation. Innovative startups originated from Israel, especially in these sectors are encouraged to participate: artificial intelligence, VR, IoT, Big Data, New Energy, New Materials, Biomedicine and Greentech. 


As the organizer of this contest, ISCU has thoroughly tapped the advantageous channel resources for Israeli science and technology development. Based on the extensive operation experience of Chinese commercial market, ISCU, together with WTOIP, will provide the matchmaking channels with strategic value to all of the outstanding projects in the Israeli Chapter. Through this partnership, IPIEC GLOBAL will be able to create an innovative resource-sharing platform to promote Israeli technology and talents to take root in China, complete technology transfer for industrial transformation, and give rise to new opportunities and cross-border cooperation model for Sino-Israeli SMEs.

Similar to other preliminary contests, more than 10 promising Israeli tech projects will showcase on the stage of IPIEC GLOBAL to compete for the advancement into the Semi-final meanwhile matching themselves with the tech scouting & funding worth more than USD$60 million offered by China investors, leading enterprises and industrial parks.

WTOIP is highly positive to another great success of Israeli Chapter with concrete support from Israel Commerce Union (ISCU). If you are confident to outcompete other excellent tech projects, and also have strong willingness to launch and scale in China, grasp this unique opportunity.

Stay with us for more updates at www.wtoip.com/ipiecglobal/en

Highlights of IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Israeli Chapter
Live Assessment backed by Prestigious Experts and Industry Leaders in Israel and China
* Mr. Amnon Mader, Founder, President and CEO of Isracard Ltd. (MasterCard/Europay Israel)
* Mr. David Zigdon, CEO of RAD BioMed Accelerator Ltd.
* Mr. Gideon Barak, Chairman of the Board at Navin, Co-founder & Chairman at HT BioImaging & Chairman of the Board at Seedwiz
* Mr. Ilan Ackerman, VP Sales at SQream, Co-Founder and CEO of Pijimi Ltd., Visionary Entrepreneur and Investor
* Mr. Jason Jianqiang Lin, VP at Guangda Industrial Group, GM of Guangda We Valley Industry Park
* Mr. Zhengwu Tian, Deputy GM of Guangdong Technology Financial Group
* Mr. Lei Shan, Doctor of Pharmacy, Expert in Innovative Drug Research and Development
* Mr. Hao Hu, Operation GM at China (Guangdong) Youth Venture Capital

About Israel Commerce Union (ISCU)
Israel Commerce Union Co., Ltd. is officially headquartered in Hong Kong in 2016. ISCU is devoted to providing resources matching channels with strategic values, penetrating market research and project feasibility study.

With the support of Chinese local governments, Embassy of Israel in Beijing, Consulate General of Israel in Guangzhou, and trusted and boosted by Israeli enterprises, ISCU continues serving as a "bridge between China and Israel" in the business world.

WTOIP Global
Email: ipiecglobal@wtoip.com

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