IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Sino-US Summit on Artificial Intelligence Held on Nov. 2nd

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On Nov. 2, IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Sino-US Summit on Artificial Intelligence was held in partnership with TIE International Innovation Corridors North American Center at Loteam Cloud Valley in Guangzhou, China as well as ZGC Silicon Valley Center in the United States. Representatives from renowned AI enterprises in China and AI experts in the US were connected via real-time video conferencing, facilitating a smooth, real-time and face-to-face (electronically) communication and exchange.


The event was heated up by the introduction from Nansha District Investment and Trade Promotion Bureau on their incentive policies as to import of overseas talents and technologies. With “Forging AI + Smart City” set as the goal, the focus of Nansha’s development plan lies in medical, social governance, public security, transportation, autonomous driving, and finance with advanced AI technology as the underlying technology, in an attempt to establish replicable paradigms.

AI experts from Silicon Valley including:

Ms. Zhang Lu, Founding Partner of Fusion Fund, renowned investor in Silicon Valley, selected as the 2018 World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, one of the 2018 Women of Influence by Silicon Valley Business Journal, consulting mentor at Microsoft Innovation Camp, Singularity University and StartX - startup accelerator affiliated to Stanford University.


Dr. Wu Yang, served as the CTO of a Silicon Valley-based IT company and co-founded the Silicon Valley Chinese Entrepreneurs Association. He shared in his speech the following topics:

1. Applying non-contact human feature recognition to a real-time object recognition system;

2. Collaboration between visual robot and human-machine to address product inspection and qualification;

3. AI video surveillance: dangerous action recognition for public security


Research and academic leaders from China include:

Dr. LIN Haotian, Phd Tutor, AI leader in Zhongshan Ophthalmology Center of Sun Yat-sen University. Dr. Lin is engaged in the research and application on the transformation of medical big data in diagnosis and AI technology. He built the world's first personal intelligence cataract diagnosis and treatment cloud platform (Nat. Biomed. Eng. 2017, cover paper), and opened the world's first ophthalmic AI robot clinic in Guangzhou. This project has been selected by IEEE Spectrum as one of the Top 11 AI Events Influencing Global Medical. In the past 5 years, he has published more than 60 academic articles in SCI as the major and correspondent author.


Representatives from renowned Chinese AI enterprises such as Cloudwalk and Guangzhou International AI Industry Research Institute also shared their valuable findings and insights on AI development in their corresponding industries.

Followed by the speeches were the project roadshows. After assessing the entire US candidates who registered for the contest, projects qualified for the Semi-final of IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 from North American region are:

- ConquerX - Biomedical

- BostonBiochips - Advanced Manufacturing

- InGen Dynamics - Advanced Manufacturing

- BrainRobtics - Advanced Manufacturing


IPIEC Global is an innovation and entrepreneurship contest to promote revolutionary technologies, and to improve the awareness of the general public about technology trends and IP concepts.

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