IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Contestants Interview - 3GSolar

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IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 is an ongoing process with its global footprint extended across the world. Up till today, the preliminary contests in Hong Kong, UK, Australia, Israel, S. Korea, Russia, Malaysia have been successfully wrapped up, with winning projects selected as the Global Top 30 to advance into the Semi-final after their roadshows and professional evaluation by the panel of judges.

Each of these projects is featured with unparalleled and distinguished qualities. One of this year's Global Top 30 is 3GSolar from Israel, a project aiming to revolutionize the nature of traditional battery and PV products. Mr. Barry Breen, CEO, told us more about the project.


Please introduce your product and company.
3GSolar Photovoltaics Ltd developed and markets PV products that power indoor electronics and sensors. 3GSolar revolutionizes wireless devices by eliminating the need to ever replace batteries and making them truly maintenance-free. Our mission is to be the leading PV energy solution for powering wireless electronics.

There are billions of wireless devices and sensors around the world and many of them use perishable batteries which are harmful to the environment and costly to replace. Cost is especially significant for the many wireless devices in hard to reach locations. Standard PV technologies are not well-matched to wireless / IoT applications since most of these devices are installed indoors. Silicon solar cells perform poorly under indoor and other low-light conditions. Compound Semiconductor III-V PV like gallium arsenide is efficient but much too expensive for wireless electronics.

3GSolar cells are the lowest cost high-efficiency PV technology for wireless electronics. Integrating 3GSolar into wireless devices means no need for changing or charging batteries. 3GSolar PV has reliable power output in a whole range of lighting conditions, including indoor fluorescent or LED lighting and shaded outdoor light. 3GSolar is now supplying its cells to European manufacturers of sensors and beacons.

In summary:
   ・ 3GSolar offers lowest cost high-efficiency PV technology with proven durability for electronics;
   ・ Our products revolutionize wireless devices by making them truly maintenance-free;
   ・ With 21 patents, 3GSolar created a technology platform for ever higher performing energy solutions;
   ・ We build strong partnerships with technology centers, electronics manufacturers and customers;
   ・ 3GSolar is now raising investment for the following objectives, with focus on production:
   - Production ramp-up
   - Sales, Marketing, Operations expansion
   - Ultra-thin product introduction
   - Perovskite R&D for wireless electronics (for pipeline of even higher performing products)

List out 3 biggest achievements that you would like to share with everyone.
1. Started selling the 3GSolar energy solution to customers in Europe for their next release of sensor and tracker products. The new customers' products will be maintenance-free with no need to replace batteries.
2. Won contract with the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to work jointly with one of their suppliers to create a maintenance-free cargo tracking system for the IAI civilian division. Maintenance-free operation will be possible with the 3GSolar PV solution.
3. Completed development of an ultrathin version of the 3GSolar PV cell through a joint R&D effort with our USA technology partner Arkema Inc. Ultrathin PV product to be launched in 2019 to the wireless electronics/IoT market.

Please share with us one of the difficulties you've encountered when entering the China market.
We encountered difficulty making the right contacts within China electronics manufacturers in order to introduce our PV energy solution to their next-generation wireless/IoT product.

What is your expectation towards IPIEC GLOBAL and the China market?
We look forward to IPIEC GLOBAL's matching of 3GSolar with China investors, partners and customers in the framework of the Contest program.

We seek cooperation in the China market at all levels. This includes Company Financing, Licensing of the 3GSolar manufacturing technology (or Joint Venture) and Marketing to customers in China.

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