WTOIP recognized as China's Most Promising Enterprise for 2019 by EY and Fudan University

September 19, 2019 - Ernst & Young honored 28 Chinese startups with "Most Promising Enterprises" awards to celebrate their entrepreneurial achievements. Thanks to its outstanding performance and huge growth potential, WTOIP won the Most Promising Enterprise Award as the sole winner in the field of intellectual property.



Fudan University Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, and Deputy Dean of School of Management, Dr. Changjiang Lv, presented the award to WTOIP Chairman Boon Xie


The EY-Fudan China’s Most Promising Enterprise Award is aimed at discovering early stage companies with great potentials and sustainable competitiveness to become the future unicorn in its industry in China.

A total of 158 outstanding companies have won the awards in the past 8 years, 19 of which have grown into unicorn companies, and 33 companies have been listed on NEEQ, Nasdaq , Shanghai Stock Exchange, HKEX etc., counting to 21% of the total number of award-winning enterprises. This year the award has been presented to WTOIP as a China-based leading Technovation Platform for IP and Corporate Services, through engaging and integrating global resources online and offline. The service turnover for WTOIP’s IP and corporate services in 2018 has exceeded CNY 23.3 billion. WTOIP has also been accredited as the ‘National IP Service Provider’ by CNIPA, and ‘National Public Service Paradigm Platform for SMEs’.



28 Winners of Most Promising Enterprises Award in 2019


As the representative of this award-winning enterprise, Boon Xie CEO and Chairman of WTOIP, gave a share entitled “The New World of SciTech Services in the 5G Smart Era”. He said that the 5G intelligent era has arrived, bringing users the transmission speed beyond the optical fiber, changing the global market at an unprecedented rate and will revolutionize many industries. The basis of 5G industrialization is the development of the intellectual property service. Intellectual property rights (‘IPR’) are the prerequisite for ensuring all technological breakthroughs, development and operation. In the coming “golden decade of the communications era”, WTOIP will continue to lead the improvement of intellectual property industry, facilitating more enterprises to successfully upgrade with their intellectual assets. WTOIP, the Most Promising Enterprise, will build a brighter future.



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    September 20, 2019

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