WTOIP Launched New Website to Help Foreign Startups Make the First Move to China

WTOIP, a leading cloud-based intellectual property and technovation platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of its renewed and upgraded website at en.wtoip.com. The new site features easy access to essential resources, improved functionality, and streamlined, modern design to help foreign tech startups make well-informed decisions about starting business in China.


Showcase Technology and Facilitate Cooperation

At the Find Tech section, tech holders can showcase their technologies to get more market exposure, helping to make their projects viral, or worthy of word-of-mouth marketing among WTOIP's extensive partner and investor network. Only a few steps they can finish the upload process. By now there are more than 120 innovative technologies which allow users to easily search, locate and contact the right technologies they need, covering 10 major technovation fields such as AI & Big Data, Biomedicine, New Energy, etc. As the numbers of tech projects increase, it will play a better role in connecting global technovation resources with potential partners, investors and customers.



Find Potential Partner More Accurately

At the Find Partner section, WTOIP has listed more than 100 local enterprise elites who are either in demand of specific technologies, or willing to cooperate with foreign companies to expand their business. Users can get access to more accurate and targeting potential partners by industry, country and cooperation type.



For users who have strong financing needs in China, they can also fill in the form online with their project details and demand at the Find Investor section. WTOIP will leverage the extensive resource network in China and expertise in technology cooperation and evaluation to assist technologies and enterprises in matching with the right investor.


More Comprehensive Services

WTOIP upgraded its Starter Pack and IP Services with a better setting, illustration and explanation backed by WTOIP's professional strength. Empowered by WTOIP's wide-reaching global affiliate network, Starter Pack can connect you to the right partners and resources in China and even around the world.



Quick and Easy Event Registration & Review

In order to facilitate fast and handy user experience, the Event Section on WTOIP website allows users to easily browse, register, and share events they are interested in. The website also enables our partners to optimize event exposure by reaching out to global tech enterprises and investors via our large user base around the world.



Connecting to reliable resources is a crucial step for tech startups and SMEs seeking to grow in China, and WTOIP takes an initiate to build a technovation platform that aims to connect technology and entrepreneurial resources across the globe, and allow them to create value therein. Try it now and make your first move to China with WTOIP.



WTOIP is the world's leading entrepreneurial resource-sharing platform with a focus on IP, providing tech matchmaking and innovation exchange encompassing a global network of universities, tech companies, and individual inventors.



WTOIP Global

Email: ibd@wtoip.com

Website: en.wtoip.com

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    May 14, 2019

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