WTOIP's 6th Anniversary Celebration (808) Was Held in Guangzhou

WTOIP's 6th anniversary celebration (808) was held in Guangzhou Intercontinental Hotel on Aug. 8. Staff from WTOIP's 38 branches across China and clients at home and abroad were warmly received on site.

It was a whole-day event. Major departments of WTOIP Group shared their past achievements and future plans during the morning session, covering from IP-related products and the processing system powered by AI, information intelligence construction for the group's internal efficiency, WTOIP's products such as IP Cloud, China Trademark EasyReg (CTER), Smart Logo and Smart Copyright, to human capital development. Boon Xie, CEO and Chairman of WTOIP, delivered an important speech to outline the group's goal and vision for the coming years.

Award ceremony held in the afternoon is a WTOIP's tradition, where individual staff or department teamwork together with their outstanding performances and significant accomplishments are recognized and awarded on stage.

Celebration gala was at night, a truly joyful moment full of performances, aiming to engage the entire audience and staff and show the group's gratitude for their great efforts over the year.

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    August 9, 2019

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