WTOIP’s Summit at GMIC 2019 Was Concluded with Great Success

GMIC 2019, held on 26th to 28th, July in Guangzhou, has attracted innovators from over 70 countries and regions around the world.

As a top sponsor of GMIC 2019, WTOIP organized the themed summit on 27th to explore how 5G Era can empower the commercialization and development of intellectual property and guest speakers from large enterprises and academics at home and abroad were invited to share their experiences and insights. 


In the opening speech, Boon Xie, CEO and Chairman of WTOIP, pointed out that intellectual property (“IP”) is the prerequisite for the development and application of industrial internet unlocked by 5G tech. The interconnection between 5G, AI and IP can definitely bring in mutual and multiplied benefits and technological advancements. 


Ye Huadong, General-Director of SME Bureau of Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, indicated in his speech that Guangzhou as the one of the first-batch pilot cities in China to incorporate 5G infrastructure, will take this opportunity to rejuvenate this historic city by applying the technology into its development process to cover areas such as manufacturing, transportation, education, medical etc.


In the keynote speech section, Gerold Muhr, CEO of Steinbeis CEBI Center for Business Innovation elaborated how does A Smart Connected Future World will look like with 5G technology. Dong Zhenjiang, Chief Scientist of Gosuncn Technology Group illustrated the travel revolution brought by the development of car network. Dr. Clarence N.W Tan, Ambassador at OpenExO, explored the in-depth integration and application of AI, big data and IoT. Yang Xin, Senior Vice President of WTOIP, shares his valuable insights of How IP Empowers 5G Development. 


During the event, WTOIP and China Association of Inventions (CAI) entered into a strategic cooperation, aiming to boost innovation development and enhance innovation capability by leveraging competitive advantages of both parties. CAI has maintained a close relationship with major international organizations such as WIPO and IFIA as an official IFIA member. 


The Summit and GMIC 2019 were successfully concluded, however, WTOIP’s efforts in creating an effective cross-border platform to facilitate and encourage transnational communication, exchange and cooperation on science, technology and innovation are ceaseless. 

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    July 29, 2019

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