Trilateral Cooperation Signed for Regional Tech Advancement & Synergy

Internationall (Kunming) Science and Technology Cooperation Conference was taking place on Sep. 3, co-organized by Yunnan Provincial and Kunming Municipal governments, International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN), WTOIP, BRICS Technology Transfer Center etc. BRICS Technology Transfer Center is a transnational institute jointly operated by WTOIP since 2018.



Boon Xie, Chairman & CEO of WTOIP introduced WTOIP’s intensive development plan in Kunming at the event. According to Boon, WTOIP’s Kunming headquarter has been established since 2018, and two international tech incubators are under planning to promote the innovation development in Kunming. Meanwhile, WTOIP is working on a plan to establish an International IP University mainly for BRICS, South-Asian and SEA countries.




During the conference, a trilateral cooperation was entered by WTOIP, Kunming Science & Technology Bureau and BRICS Technology Transfer Center, aiming to push the innovation development and synergy among China, South Asia, SEA and BRICS, and improving the innovation capability of Kunming.



In the coming future, all parties will work together to forge a network encompassing local universities, research institutes, enterprises and foreign organizations and aggregate local resources, to stimulate the regional tech cooperation and transfer by working out a viable scheme with enhanced service delivery as the collective goal.


A tech matchmaking was arranged after the main forum. Tech projects and tech transfer organizations from BRICS as well as Asean were invited for matchmaking and meet directly with local enterprises and investors. A great number of potential cooperation leads have been generated through the section, laying a promising foundation for cross-border exchange and cooperation.


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    September 4, 2019

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