The International Shopping Zone is newly created on Huixuan Global






Since Huixuan Global, Chinas first e-commerce platform selling products with intellectual property rights, was established early this year, it has become more and more well-known among vendors and partners all over the world. Therefore, products from Australia, Canada, France, UK, Spain and other countries such as cosmetics, wine, snacks, kitchenware launch on the platform. In that case, the international shopping zone is established on Huixuan Global to help highlight those popular international products.


Recently, the famous brands from Australia and Canada have launched on Huixuan Global. Here are some examples:


G&M Australian Lanolin Oil Moisturising Cream

Citadelle smoky kettle maple syrup from Canada

Citadelle inu whole dried cranberries from Canada

Twinfood flax seed oil/canola oil from Canada

Natural Burg Flour from Canada

Arctica Food sea cucumber from Canada

GSL pan from South Korea

JeJuon cream from South Korea

Forlisa skin care products from Australia




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    August 24, 2020

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