Requirement for Advanced Delivery Techniques for Living Seafood


Recently, a logistics company based in South China is looking for an advanced delivery technique for living seafood. With an annual turnover of several billion yuan, the company owns its storage rooms and delivery teams across China.



1. Delivery techniques for living seafood of intercity can ensure the storage time of over 35 hours to remain fresh;

2. Delivery techniques enable the utility of separate water tanks or an entire water tank to help support different kinds of living seafood in the same water truck;

3. High-quality water control techniques related to the living seafood transportation ensure that the indicators such as dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, ammonia nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen and CO2 meet the standard required for the water quality to deliver the fresh fish;

4. The anesthesia technology related to living seafood transportation of intercity can support the long-term emergency anesthesia;

5. Delivery techniques enable a variety of high-density transportation for living seafood: take the 7.4M water truck as an example - the delivery density of the shrimp is more than 2000kg, and that of the turbot is more than 4000kg...

6. The survival rate of living seafood delivery is more than 98%;

Delivery techniques for living seafood will not affect the power of the vehicle, which means that with the same weight of goods, the performance of index such as the acceleration of the vehicle will not be significantly reduced due to the increase of the fresh water tanks.

7. Vehicles of this kind from Japan and Norway are preferred and available for direct procurement;

8. Delivery techniques for living seafood required must be tested and verified, as well as showcased with a presentation system.



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