New Year Speech by Mr. Boon XIE:A New World For The Intellectual Property Commercialization

Dec.25th - Mr. Boon XIE, founder and CEO of WTOIP, gave a New Year Speech aired on GDTV with the topic of A New World For The Intellectual Property Commercialization.




“We’ve been living in a great era for the Intellectual Property Commercialization that will change everyone of us in our life. Just as what occurred at the time when we got on the Mayflower and left England towards the New World, let's open up a new route for the human history that had never happened in Chinese history, a route that deserves your time and your money, a route to help discover your wealth - that is to develop and commercialize your Intellectual Property. “ Mr. Boon XIE’s exciting voice was echoing in and out of the grand hall in Guangzhou Stadium where there is a capacity for 5000 people. 


Speech guests of the night included Mr. MA Guang Yuan, the contemporary economist of China famous for his best seller Guide to the Acquisition of Companies Listed in China, Mr. TANG Jun, president of Fujian Xinhuadu Group and former president of Microsoft China, Mr.Larry H.P. Lang, China Taiwan economist and chief professor in the Chinese University of HK and so on. 


This has been the third year when WTOIP joined the event as the Grand Sponsor to share  thoughts and perspectives with audiences all over China through GDTV. 




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    December 26, 2019

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