International Intellectual Property (Lanzhou) Forum Successfully Concluded

WTOIP has been providing the music copyright monitoring services for Tencent. WTOIP also provided real-time intellectual property protection on Lanzhou Beef Noodles and SciTech in Gansu Province,  Trademark has almost been cancelled.


Sep. 22, 2019 - The 4th Lanzhou Science Achievement Expo – International Intellectual Property (Lanzhou) Forum has been recently concluded with great success. It was jointly organized and supported by Department of Science and Technology of Gansu Province, Lanzhou Municipal Government, WTOIP and Silk Road International Intellectual Property Port Co., Ltd., aiming to provide inspiration to the technovation development of Lanzhou City and Gansu Province.


Prior to the forum, Mr, Boon Xie, Chairman and CEO of WTOIP, was received by the Vice Governor of Gunsu Province and introduced the local development of WTOIP Group in the western region.




The forum was attended by guests of honor from across the globe including two keynote speeches given by Ms. Dafna Kariv, Co-chair of ACTO in Israel, Center for Impact Investing and Entrepreneurship to cover ‘Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ and Mr. Daniel H. Sherr, Former Patent Examiner at USPTO and Patent Attorney to cover ‘The 5G Wireless Revolution as it Relates to Intellectual Property’, followed by a panel discussion to discuss ‘IP Monetization and Development of Technovation Enterprise with 5G Intelligence’, including Ms. Revital Altberger, COO of Novus, Center of Entrepreneurship in Israel and Prof. Alberto Bologna, Registered Architect in Italy, Assistant Professor at Polytechnic University of Turin, Post-Doc Scientist at EPFL.





The forum was also featured with the following highlights


Feature 1: IP, the strong support to quality development of China’s Economies

Mr. Zhang Shi Zhen, Vice Governor of Gansu Province, mentioned in his keynote speech that it is crucial to collaborate with IP institutes at home and abroad in order to promote a sustainable development in Gansu Province. Silk Road International IP Port Co., Ltd. by engaging a deep cooperation with WTOIP Group, the Unicorn company in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, will strive to render comprehensive IP services, promote IP financing and build up the technovation accelerator with its extensive IP operation experiences and advanced management methodoloty.


According to Mr. Jiang Ming, President of China General Chamber of Commerce, China is currently sparing no efforts in improving the quality of patented technologies by cultivating independent core technologies and implement the transition from application quantity to quality. In light of current policy and focus, China is now experiencing a fundamental and structural transformation by putting IP in an unprecedented height. With WTOIP’s unparralled network coverage of 38 local branch offices and overseas centers in Hong Kong, Silicon Valley and Geneva, as well as the collaboration with over 300 technology transfer institutions and 500 universities and colleges, it will definitely fuel the IP and technovation development in Gansu Province.


Feature 2: Strategic Cooperation Sealed between WTOIP Group and Silk Road

WTOIP and Silk Road International IP Port entered into a strategic cooperation during the forum, aiming to forge a new engine of economic development and explore wider cooperation for Gansu Province and even the entire Western region in China.



Feature 3: IP, the silk road in the Smart Era

‘There are two silk roads in China’s history’, Boon, CEO and Chairman of WTOIP Group said, ‘One is overland, and the other is maritime. WTOIP is acting like a silk road to connect IP and the entire enterprises. On the other hand, it could be perceived as a connection between Chinese enterprises going abroad and the entire technovation projects and SciTech achievements in the countries along the Belt and Road. Today we wish to establish such a bridge in Gansu Province with this collaboration’.




Feature 4: IP, the pillar of brand value

Mr. Hu Run (also known as Rupert Hoogewerf, Chairman and Chief Researcher of Hurun Report) introduce the Hurun Brand List 2018 in his speech. The China’s most valuable brand is Kweichow Moutai, and it is IP to support such enormous brand value.



Feature 5: IP, the new development engine of technovation enterprises in Gansu Province

During the Media Conference after the forum, Boon positioned WTOIP as the enterprise that protects the original music in China. He reckoned that copyright protection has experienced tremendous progress in recent years. You have to pay for those original music nowadays whereas everyone could enjoy free download back then. On the other hand, paid music is far not enough for the commercialization. Someone in China has to take the initiative to push forward the commercialization via IP and informationization.


Apart from the creative industry, WTOIP is committed to assisting the technovation enterprises in Gansu Province in enhancing their business intelligence capability, cloud and mobile internet infrastructure. We could also provide chained technology transfer services, to transform technology into prototype, from prototype to product, and from product to commodity.


WTOIP is also dedicated to helping optimize the economic structure, enhance tax income, GDP as well as stimulate the local employment. We are hoping to establish our ‘Silk Road Headquarter’ in Gansu, to serve an important supporting source as to Gansu’s opening policy.

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