InGen – Significant Cross-Border Cooperation Achieved

Aido is a household service robot developed by InGen Dynamics Inc from the US, a IPIEC GLOBA 2018 Top 30 project.



Aido robot can be applied to different scenarios including household, hotels, medical, nursing home, retail etc., by incorporating touch interaction, face recognition, voice identification and projection in one single device. As a smart robot, Aido is able to conduct intermediate conversation with changing facial expressions, identify individuals, for example your family members and friends, and also play projection and music.



Prior to joining the contest, InGen has been making great efforts in tackling the technical difficulty: ball-based mobile system, in order to enable free and stable motion of robots with their bottom wheels, and subsequently to achieve mass production and sales worldwide. However, such issue remains a global difficulty yet to be resolved, which is highly time-consuming and costly for a tech startup.


WTOIP, as a cross-border IP and technovation service platform, is committed to facilitating excellent technologies across the globe to launch in China with resource matching. WTOIP’s experts have been searching for suitable resources especially those situated in Tier 1 cities in China based on InGen’s development needs in technology, capital and manufacture. After three-month scouting, E-deodar has been connected, identified and considered a promising potential partner in that they indicated strong interests in joint R&D on the ball-based mobile system as well as the subsequent development and mass production of Aido robots. Besides E-deodar has long-term partnership with Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University as well as Beijing Institute of Technology, which will serve a strong force to tackle the technical difficulty within a much shortened R&D period. 


WTOIP, as the program facilitator, has been strategically balancing demands of both parties so as to optimize mutual benefits and several three-party meetings for cooperation negotiation have been arranged. InGen and E-deodar also flied to Beijing to talk to research institutes there directly for technology solution and cooperation.


After 8-month efforts, InGen and E-deodar finally entered into the cooperation in early August of 2019, where both parties will implement the joint R&D on the project of nursing care robot first covering its hardware deployment and functional software. As a long-run cooperation, both parties will seek to work on the ball-based mobile system, in collaboration with top universities and research institutes in China, via utilizing E-deodar’s extensive network. Techmation Co., parent company of E-deodar, would be in place to offer additional help to InGen on its local market entry and penetration afterwards.


Until today, InGen, E-deodar and WTOIP are still working closely on the trilateral cooperation and seeking to push the limits of service robots to deliver even more value and benefits to people’s daily lives.


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    August 22, 2019

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