Oct. 28th, World’s re-known contest IPIEC GLOBAL 2019- Israel Chapter unveiled three winners SeaErra, Israzion, RobotAI entitled to enter the finals in China Guangzhou in December. The main organizer WTOIP has long been the gateway for startups targeting the China market and provided to those with one-stop solution in Intellectual Property and Technovation sector. Israel Commerce Union (ISCU) teamed up with Haifa Economical Company (HEC) to make IPIEC a blockbuster in the area.

1st, SeaErra invents the intelligent underwater cameras built in real-time enhancement.

2nd, Israzion helps to revolutionize the circular economy of plastic industry.

3rd, RobotAI develops a core technology of OBJECT SHAZAM with 6DoF sensor.





 “As a gateway to China in terms of Intellectual Property and technovation service platform, WTOIP is honored to align with our Israel partners to organize IPIEC and help those Israel startups find the best business opportunities in China. Israel is a country with long history, but also regarded as the “Innovation Nation” that cultivates thousands of high-tech companies that boost Israel’s strong economy. Chances are that we have helped finalize the exact business needs from China and that the Israel startups could access valuable resources through our platform ASAP. Wish all the best to the competition and the candidates.” Commented by Ms. Yin Qi, co-founder of WTOIP.

Ranny Yarom from ISCU said, “The big advantage for the startups is that the contest offers great opportunities for candidates to meet with the Chinese companies including technology parks, investors, governments and other potential interest groups”. 



The event was held in the Israel National Stadium where candidates accessed to senior investors from Chinese companies and governments and those guests on scene were decision makers that can help deliver matchmaking service in China. On October 29th, as part of the business tour service, WTOIP led a team of Chinese investors to participate in a professional investment seminar, as well as an exciting tour to the iconic places in Israel. 

The IPIEC GLOBAL contest, mainly organized by WTOIP, is one of the leading startups contest in China, and will hold the finals in December in Guangzhou, together with other winners excelled in the global chapters in UK, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Russia, Germany, Swiss and China Honk Kong. IPIEC is primarily an innovation contest. However, it is much more than just a contest, but a trinity of contest, resource platform and incubation program. It helps tech projects dive into a broader market and get access to integrated resources such as professional guidance, financing sources, more potential business partners and skillful talents. Meanwhile, IPIEC participants can obtain systematic training and quality consulting from experts along with their business growth cycle, which makes the contest an excellent incubation program. 




“China today is a huge economy that you can’t approach without a good local connection”, One of the Israel partners commented, “From the startups’ point of view, candidates who performed on the stage today have already matched with Chinese companies, therefore each company in IPIEC contest has already reached out with their product and service that investors are looking for. That is a great advantage. Usually, startups are with very clear purpose to seek for market demands, and now we help to bring them to the right match. Startups don’t need to do lots of things but just some minor matching.” WTOIP is running IPIEC in its third year and it has tremendous influence in Israel in scientific and technology area.




Honorable guests this year included Mr. David Etzioni, Deputy Mayor of Haifa Municipality, Mr. Or Shahaf, CEO of Haifa Economic Corporation and Mr. Moti H. Meir, Head of Haifa Innovation Administration of Haifa Economic Corporation. The contest also invited sector tycoons as judges. They are Mr. Nitzan Sapir, CEO & Partner of BlueChain Ventures, Mr. Ron Lefeber, CEO of RSL Technologies Ltd, and Mr. Shemer Topper, Director of Israel National Agriculture Research Organization of Volcani Center.



It is reported that WTOIP will provide professional market analysis and guidance, demand tracking, project grinding, packaging and marketing services to startups from IPIEC Israel Chapter and other chapters in world. Mentors are formed by renowned investors, industry gurus, entrepreneurs and WTOIP experts. The most exciting part of the competition also includes the round-trip roadshows and matchmaking events organized in multiple industrial cities within China along with local governments, industrial parks, clusters and top enterprises. Top winners in China finals are able to win100K, 50K and 20K grand cash prize accordingly. With a team full of professionals and resources in multi sectors, WTOIP is able to empower Israel technovation startups entering the China market through IPIEC.


The route to your success in China market. 

IPIEC GLOBAL 2019:www.wtoip.com/ipiecglobal/en


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