IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Hong Kong Chapter Officially Unveiled

IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Hong Kong Chapter is in full swing! On August 29, 2019, the Opening Ceremony was successfully held at Cyberport Hong Kong by WTOIP and Angel Investment Foundation.

Startups and tech SMEs in Hong Kong attended the event to get the latest information of the upcoming contest. The event is honored to have gained massive support from the government as well as more than 30 industrial and innovation organizations. It was unveiled by the Guest of Honor, Mr. Rex Tong, Acting Asst Govt Chief Information Officer of Innovation and Technology Bureau, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer of Hong Kong SAR, together with Ms. Ivy Chan from Cyberport, Mr. Ivan Shum, President of Angel Investment Foundation and Mr. Jason Chan, Senior Manager of WTOIP.




Sharing of Success Story

2019 marks the third session of IPIEC GLOBAL and Hong Kong Chapter has become part of it since 2018, aiming to promote the healthy development of Hong Kong SMEs and innovations. In 2018, Hong Kong Chapter winner Novus Life Sciences successfully outcompeted other global contestants and clinched the champion with USD$100,000 cash prize. Dr. Kenneth Lai from Novus, was invited to the opening to share his success story and multiple business matching experiences with enterprises in China arranged by WTOIP after the contest, which are valuable to his business development.


Grand Tech Funding of 2019

IPIEC GLOBAL is also aimed at encouraging enterprises in Hong Kong to scout technologies locally and globally through the platform for their technological upgrading and transformation. One significant highlight for this year is the grand tech funding accumulated to HKD$80 million offered by 10 Hong Kong enterprises for their concrete tech demands, along with the provision of entrepreneurial support.


List of the10 Hong Kong enterprises was announced during the ceremoney:

-       Angel Investment Foundation

-       Hong Kong Arbitration Society

-       Memorigin Watch Co. Ltd.

-       WorkTech

-       China Kong Auto Body Builders Co. Ltd.

-       Y Fintech Group

-       Ablemex Financial Group

-       NanoFlowX Technology Limited

-       TeamWork Capital

-       Hung Hing Printing Group

(For specific tech demands, please check out: https://www.ipiecglobal.hk/en_us/rewards/)



Arrangement of 2019 Session

Jason Chan, Senior Manager of WTOIP Global, gave a keynote speech to illustrate this year’s contest. In 2019, 11 designated categories/themes have been set as to the contest: Fintech, AI & Big Data, Biomedicine, Advanced Manufacturing, IT & Communications, IoT, New Energy, Energy Saving & Environmental Protection, New Materials, New Agriculture, as well as Other Innovations.



All legally-incorporated entities in Hong Kong are eligible for contest registration at: https://www.ipiecglobal.hk. For interested applicants, please take note of the following dates:


September 10, 2019 – Seminar at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

September 18, 2019 - Seminar at the University of Hong Kong

September 20, 2019 - Seminar at Hong Kong Science Park

September 30, 2019 - Application Deadline

November 6, 2019 - Hong Kong Chapter at Cyberport


10 tech projects will be selected from candidates to participate in the Hong Kong contest and pitching. Top 2 projects will be qualified for the Semi-final of IPIEC GLOBAL 2019, who will gain the chance to win the Global Championship with USD$100,000 cash prize as well as to join the Multi-city Project Pitching Roundtrip in the coming December.


Please note that enterprises in Hong Kong can submit your technology demands with funding offer until September 15, 2019.


Register your entry to Hong Kong Chapter by Sep. 30, 2019 at: https://www.ipiecglobal.hk to get entitled to all exclusive benefits to IPIEC GLOBAL contestants now!

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