IP attorney made the point: the Activation of global economy, e-commerce and intellectual property



During the First Guangzhou Live Webcast Shopping Festival, WTOIP has delivered three wonderful and professional lectures via Huixuan Global live channel and one of those was especially for Chinese entrepreneurs aiming to develop their business outside China.



Terrence Leow, head of international relations and foreign legal counsel in UTC law firm and WTOIP, gave an analysis on the change of behaviors of consumers after covid-19, how the e-commerce business boosted during the pandemic, and also the combination of e-commerce and intellectual property. He pointed out that it was crucial to realize that you have to proactively protect your intellectual property, and how you can prevent the infringement of your intellectual property. He took the Amazon cases as the examples to illustrate how the Chinese merchants on Amazon protect their intellectual property during a time when the international conflict in politics and economy has been increasing rapidly.  







Terrence Leow holds a First Class Bachelor of Laws(LL.B) from University of Essex with a specialization in intellectual property. Mr. Leow is a member of Honorable Society of The Middle Temple.





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    June 16, 2020

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