IP Business Festival 2019

As you may have heard, December 12th is the fifth International IP Business Festival that WTOIP has devotedly to build. International IP Business Festival 2019 is an important event for WTOIP and the IP industry. As a global leading platform for intellectual property industry, WTOIP created this festival in order to stimulate the attention and enthusiasm of intellectual property in all industries, and promote the creation, protection and use of intellectual property in a wider range. The forthcoming Fifth International IP Business Festival is not only an annual event in the intellectual property industry, but also a window and platform for the matchmaking and transformation of global innovation resources and an accelerator for knowledge realization.


The opening ceremony of the International IP Business Festival 2019 held in the WTOIP IP Valley is still the highlight of the event. Government leaders, business leaders, top investors, and global intellectual businessmen will be invited to participate together to witness the changes and development of intellectual property rights. After the opening ceremony, the IP Business Festival Carnival will continue throughout December. During the event, WTOIP will arouse public attention to intellectual property rights by various events, such as the 2019 International IP Business Festival Technology Achievement Transformation Summit, 2019 IP Business Festival Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony, and the IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 grand final, the Guangdong TV's "A Better Next Year" New Year's Eve speech, etc. At the same time, WTOIP also offers preferential activities for intellectual property services. For example, on the day of the opening ceremony, WTOIP’s intellectual property and science and technology services will have a 50% discount on all products. This grand opening ceremony and strong preferential activities will arouse the attention of the society, attract various industries’ attention to intellectual property rights, and encourage a large number of new customers to realize the importance of intellectual property services for law protection.


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    December 11, 2019

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