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Smoky Kettle maple syrup, the national gift Justin Trudeau presents to world high profile leaders...including Jack Ma during the China International Import Expo  This was what the host said on June 7th via Huixuan Global webcast channel in the international product session during the festival.





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There were a total of 10 live webcast shows on Huixuan Global during the three - day festival including IP and business webcast lectures How to open the internal market for export business companies after covid-19? Are there still opportunities in the global market? , as well as live shopping shows of Guangdong IP products, international products, Xinjiang products, etc.


At that night of international session, two hosts presented to audiences the high quality products from Canada, France, Australia and South Korea, such as Canadian maple syrup, dried cranberry, sea cucumber, honey, the fried pan from South Korea and French wine.  


With the theme of Healthy and Fit Diet, the host showed her cooking skills for making some famous dishes with the promotional products, for example, the stir fried Canadian sea cucumber with scallion, Parmah ham rolled honey dew with Canadian linseed oil, English muffin with Canadian maple syrup. This was not only a product promotion show, but also a cooking presentation show. 







As for the webcast lectures, Mr. Leow, the British attorney from WTOIP shared his viewpoint on the business opportunities overseas on Amazon, and how to avoid IP infringement in oversea markets for Chinese audiences.






This is an important step for Huixuan Global to co-organize the festival and besides this, every Friday night, Huixuan Global organizes its own live webcast shows to help promote products with characteristics.



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    June 15, 2020

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