November 06th - IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Hong Kong Chapter has announced three winners Light Inno Tech Limited, Artro Digital Limited and Cellomics International Ltd. The first two winners will join the top finals 30 from nine countries and regions covering the UK, Australia, Switzerland, Malaysia, Russia, etc. 

IPIEC GLOBAL is created by WTOIP, mainly organized by China International Cooperation Association of SMEs (CICASME), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer in the SAR Government of HongKong and Ministry of education and science and technology of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. WTOIP, HK Cyberport and Angel Investment Foundation jointly undertook the contest.

1st, Light Inno Tech Limited for the LiTone LBS lightsheet microscopy system;

2nd, Artro Digital Limited for the Infanity3D technology;

3rd, Cellomics International Ltd. for the liquid biopsy for cancer monitoring and early screening. 






Professional mentorship & round-trip to connect massive resources

The event was held in Cyberport this year and attracted hundreds of investors, entrepreneurs, professors and tech enthusiasts. Projects this year covered various areas such as 3D hologram, tumor monitoring, high-tech nanotechnology, blood pressure drugs, laser scanning systems, smart finance, etc. 

IPIEC Global raised by WTOIP is running in its 3rd year and it is much more than just a contest, but a trinity of contest, resource platform and incubation program. It is built to extend the efforts to create an effective mean to connect innovations with capital and enterprises, overseas projects with local clusters, as well as marketing operation with government policies, in an attempts to promote cross-border technology cooperation and accelerate local industrial upgrade.

The competition has unveiled in Russia, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia and HK chapter is the last stop. Through the competition, IPIEC is able to attract "special, top, professional and new" high-tech project resources across the globe, and further promote and enlarge the influence of China mainland in the world as well as the huge potential of China mainland market.

It is reported that WTOIP will provide professional market analysis and guidance, demand tracking, project grinding, packaging and marketing services to startups from IPIEC HK Chapter and other chapters in world. Mentors are formed by renowned investors, industry gurus, entrepreneurs and WTOIP experts. The most exciting part of the competition also include the round-trip roadshows and matchmaking events that will be organized in multiple industry hubs within China (Suzhou, Kunming, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, etc) in December, along with local visits to governments, industrial parks, clusters and top enterprises. 

Guangzhou to hold the finals of global scientech innovation projects

Early December, the global semi-finals of IPIEC will be held in the itinerary of round-trip roadshow. Top 10 will be selected to advance into the Final via roadshows and live Q&A sessions. IPIEC Global finals will take place in mid-December in Guangzhou where top ten players from around the world will perform to their strength. They are required to show off the project advantages and highlights, business models, future strategic plans, etc. Investors from top funds, gurus from certain sectors and top entrepreneurs will join as the exclusive judges to conduct a strict, fair and open review of the final project. 






2019 IPIEC Global HK Chapters is greatly supported by China International Cooperation Association of SMEs (CICASME), Hong Kong SAR Government, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, HK Cyberport, Angel Investment Foundation, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and technology and HKSTP. IPIEC Global has gained a wide range of influence in the science and technology sector, investment, political and business sectors as well.

The event was honored to invite those for guest speakers. They were Mr. Zhou Jian, Deputy Directorof CICASME, Mr. Gao Yuyao, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, Mr. Victor Lam, Government Chief Information Officer of HK SAR Gervernment, Mr. Liu Zhi Ming, Deputy Inspector of Liasion Office of HK SAR Government and Mr. Peter Yan, CEO of Hong Kong Cyberport. 

Also there was a forum part where Ms.Yin Qi, Co-founder of WTOIP, Mr. Ivan Shum, Chairman of Angel Investment Foundation and other guests join to give ideas on the issues of technovation and investment in HK.



The route to your success in China market. IPIEC GLOBAL 2019: 


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