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On 26th July 30, 2019, Global Though Leader was held in Guangzhou as the opening summit of GMIC 2019. Boon Xie, CEO and Chairman of WTOIP, IAM Strategy 300, Young Industry Leader by Hurun Report, was invited to share his insights on the new model of Intellectual Property (“IP”) and how it will empower the technological development in the 5G Era throughout the next decade.


According to Boon, 5G technology will open Chinas next golden decade. Unlike 2G - data generation, 3G - data acceleration and 4G - data development, 5G is a transformation. First, the 5G downlink peak data rate can reach 20Gbps, and the uplink peak data rate may exceed 10Gbps. In addition, 5G will greatly reduce the delay and improve the overall network efficiency. Since 5G brings us the transmission speed beyond the optical fiber, it will open a promising Era of IoT. Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, together with 5G, will jointly unlock the next golden decade.



Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is one of the typical scenario to demonstrate 5G capability. Except for artificial intelligence, most application scenarios are based on iteration and updates of 5G technology. In the 5G era, it is possible to realize formation driving and remote control. In the long run, all big data-related industries, especially in commercialization, will benefit from 5G commercial use. Other typical scenarios include smart city and smart manufacturing.


WTOIP applies 5G technology and artificial intelligence to transform the IP and technovation industries, and at the same time, empowers the 5G industrial development with IP and technovation services. 5G industry is one of the most patented areas. Big name companies in this area include Huawei, Cisco, Qualcomm and Ericsson. WTOIP also benefited from the transformation and iteration of 5G technology. Through the application of Internet, information technology and 5G, the efficiency and intelligentization of IP industry can be significantly improved. In summary, they are mutually beneficial and influential.


WTOIP is a cloud-based platform for IP and technovation services, creating a new  online and offline integration model via using artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT technologies. We provide enterprises with big data cloud computing services, IP exchange, technology transfer and technovation services.


IP Cloud, is the platform I would like to mention in particular. It is a cloud-based platform for IP and technovation services, integrating SmartCheck, National Hi-Tech Accreditation, Cloud-based IP Custody, IP Risk Alert, Patent Value Report, Corporate Radar, IP Insurance, Patent Renewal, Trademark Registration Risk Detection and many other functions. 120 million corporate business data, 38 million trademark data, 75 million patent data, 20 million domain name data, 7 million copyright data, and 30 million hi-tech project policies are centralized with the platform, helping tech and innovation companies address difficulties in IP protection, operations and management.


WTOIP explores the AI field from various aspects including the infrastructure, technology and application. On one hand, WTOIP uses AI to transform and upgrade IP and Technovation service industries. On the other hand, it helps AI enterprises form their core competitiveness. IP will undoubtedly become the core barrier of AI and 5G industries in the future.

WTOIP has also made in-depth exploration and application in blockchain. In fact, IP is the best application scenario for blockchain in China. WTOIP has a digital IP application platform dedicated to providing copyright, copyright monitoring and other services to the authors. Currently we offer protection to 300,000+ authors, including Tencent music. WTOIP also developed Public Blockchains of IP, where each author can get a digital certificate immediately after he publishes his original work. In infringement monitoring, WTOIP has implemented 24-hour full-internet monitoring to protect individuals and companies. In addition, WTOIP combines blockchain and VR technology to create an online art space that helps users display their artworks with trading facility to fulfill the commercialization goal.

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