GVI and WTOIP Announce Strategic Relationship to Facilitate Global Projects Launching in China

Tel Aviv and Guangzhou: 2 Mar, 2020: Gold Venture Incubator(Short as GVI) and WTOIP announced today a strategic relationship to promote cross border start-up projects incubation and acceleration, technovation-related services and initiatives to facilitate global projects to be launched in China mainland. 


Gold Ventures Incubator established by Gold Training solutions LTD  is more than an acceleration program for Start-ups. The unique concept they created offers a fresh view of entrepreneurship and a broad understanding of what an early stage venture really needs to succeed.

With over 30 years of cumulative experience in entrepreneurship, business development and innovation, they put together a winning team, connected with powerful partners and created an array of affordable services, to help clients – the visionary – bring their idea to life.

GVI’s focus is only on clients that they act quickly, efficiently and professionally to help clients raise big funds.

Based in China, WTOIP is a leading IPR & Technovation launch e-consultancy services company. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals helps enterprises, innovators and tech developers create tailored intellectual property rights strategies for China market entry, ensuring long-term protection of know-how. We connect individuals with Chinese business ecosystem, actively scouting for top business partners and facilitating commercial cooperation. Spanning 38 domestic offices, we are the top choice China consultants, with proven track-record of success and satisfied customers. We at WTOIP have the capability to support your inno venture with local insight and expertise.


Both GVI and WTOIP share a common vision of the global technovation business and technology-enabled growth. 


WTOIP and GVI will focus on enhancing their respective offerings to the global technovation ecosystem for the benefit of their customers, including: 

• Enabling the scouting of high-potential domestic and overseas startup projects to be incubated and accelerated in China;

• Enabling the package service support such as legal consulting, marketing analysis, IP service, due diligence, market promotion, pitching, financing, etc.;

• Facilitating the promotion, exchange of information and completion of technology transactions;

• Utilizing the GVI Global Networks to promote technology transfer and licensing;

• Promoting WTOIP services to global customers.


“GVI addresses key needs in the global technovation market that can enhance returns using their team talents and experience. WTOIP believes that we can improve our customer experience and global reach using the GVI networks,” stated Amy Chan, Co-founder and GM of International Business of WTOIP.

“With 38 offices in China and close partners around the world, WTOIP is a key player in the technovation space in China and the world. We are excited to leverage WTOIP footprint and services on the GVI Platform to help grow our transaction business” commented Kobi Kalderon, CEO&Founder of GVI.  


By partnering with GVI, WTOIP will be able to act more quickly in helping Chinese companies, innovation parks, governments and all other enterprises with the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem driven by technovation. Meanwhile, WTOIP can accelerate its business globalization relying on GVI’s over 30 years’ experience in global incubator operation, resources and networks. Both parties look into the use of the technology and a talented and dedicated team of employees to improve the returns on the significant investment on technovation involving the business, government and society.




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Website: www.goldventuresinvestment.com


Email: Kobi Kalderon kobi@gold-ventures.com


WTOIP Global

Website: en.wtoip.com 

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/13580424/admin/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WTOIPGlobal

Twitter: twitter.com/WTOIPGLOBAL

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