Featured Events of GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference) 2019

GMIC has embarked on a new journey of “The New Scientific Renaissance” (coined by Dr. Stephen Hawking) with a new host city – Guangzhou. Named the Greater Bay Area, the corridor of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, is a newly developed zone designed to spur economic growth that rivals the like of Silicon Valley. The Greater Bay Area is home to leading tier-one tech firms, manufacturers, and one of the largest financial markets in the world.


At GMIC Guangzhou 2019, guests will uncover the latest scientific & technological developments, and learn how science and technology are integrated into our daily lives.


WTOIP will host our theme summit on July 27th to explore How 5G Tech can Empower Intellectual Property Commercialiazation and Development. Renowned experts at home and abroad will provide insights on the topic, outlining the blueprint between 5G and IP.




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    July 26, 2019

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