TEPS played to its strengths with the Probe Card Technology and ranked the top in the IPIEC 2019 South Korea Chapter on Friday (Oct.4th, 2019). Besides, most candidates based on VR/AR tech keen to flower in China through WTOIP, main organizer of IPIEC and a gateway for China market entry. 


The semi-final winners are as follows:

1st place: TEPS- Probe Card Technology, a device for checking electrical characteristics of wafers

2nd place: ERT Corp. - 5G Communication Quality Improvement Solution with multiplexing filter

3rd place: MARVRUS – SPEAKIT VR, English language training featured with advanced VR tech


(The final winners)


Those super startups will join the Semi-final in December in China and the Multi-City Tech-Matching Roundtrip for match-making events with offered free one round-trip plane ticket and free accommodation service. Furthermore, they will be able to access to China Entry suggestions and online & offline project promotion opportunities in China. 



As part of the Korea VR Festival 2019 that lasted from Oct.2nd to 4th, IPIEC Global 2019 South Korea Chapter this year was featured by Virtual Technovation. The IPIEC Global team joined the Networking Party after KVRF’s grand opening, and watched the VR projects presentation show where some of the presenters were also the candidates of IPIEC Global 2019 Korea Chapter. There was also VR exhibition covering VR/AR vendors all over the world. The IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 Korea Chapter contest unveiled as the core event on the final day of KVRF 2019. 


Welcome Reception of KVRF 2019


VR/AR Exhibition 


In reality, half of the startups registered IPIEC Global focused on AR/VR development such as Augmented Reality Ad/Payment Platform from Imperfect, VR-based LCH maintenance support and training solution from TIME Technical, Synchro Bike that works with VR racing game(track master) from VR Carver, Machine Learning vision development SDK for AR contents development from IPIXEL Co., Ltd, VR Karaoke KPOP VRZON from Vrunch Inc., Speakit A.I. & VR from MARVRUS and the World ‘s first tablet PC for the visually impaired for realizing the informationization of the visually impaired from PCT. 


Other candidates covered varied areas ranging from Moral Oral diseases AI self-inspection service, 3D image extraction of photography, fine pitch vertical probe card, smart braille education device to 5G communication quality improvement solution. 



ERT Corp




IPIEC this year was honored to invite judges of Director Kim Min Seuk of NIPA’s VR•AR Content Promotion Department, Chairman Lee of Korea Accelerator Association, Secretary-General Mr. Kong Cheng Xian of the Korea Accelerator Association, WTOIP’s Vice President Mr. Edmont Rao, ChinaLink’s CEO Mr. Xie Xiao, Korea Gyeonggi-do Risk Enterprise Committee’s Section Chief Mr. Nan Xianyu, Founder and CEO Mr. James Ahn from James Investment and Daniel H. Sherr, Licensing Director of Longship Licensing LLC. They were impressed by the excellent speeches from candidates. 


Judges of IPIECGLOBAL2019 Korea Chapter



As reported by China customs 2018 that Sino-Korea transaction amount has reached to $313.4 billion, the two countries have been in a multi-linked relationship in recent years, especially when the China Korea Free Trade Agreement came to the second period, which to some extent, represents the promising future for the two bros. This explains China market is competitive and attractive to Korean grand tech companies and thus a number of high-tech startups from Korea registered on IPIEC and 15 outstanding ones reached the roadshow finals. 


IPIEC is primarily an innovation contest. However, it is much more than just a contest, but a trinity of contest, resource platform and incubation program. It helps tech projects dive into a broader market and get access to integrated resources such as professional guidance, financing sources, more potential business partners and skillful talents. Meanwhile, IPIEC participants can obtain systematic training and quality consulting from experts along their business growth cycle, which makes the contest can an excellent incubation program. 


The 30 finals will be offered feasibility analysis, requirements traceability, corporate rewards and supports for the Intellectual Property. 



WTOIP, as the organizer of IPIEC GLOBAL and the first expert and business partner for china market entry, has been working with government agencies and major innovation organizations worldwide to co-organize overseas chapters, aiming to actively engage startups, enterprises, inventors, innovation unions, industry associations, universities & colleges, research institutes and incubators to present their latest innovations. 


With a long term adopted vision of making the creativity become reality, WTOIP pay much attention on the locality and practicability for selected projects. With a team full of professionals and resources in multi sectors, IPIEC is able to empower Korean technovation startups entering the China market. 


The event was also jointly organized by China International Cooperation Association of SMEs (CICASME) and supported by KOVRA, CHINA LINK and Ecomice.


The route to your success in China market. REGISTER IPIEC GLOBAL 2019 NOW: www.wtoip.com/ipiecglobal/en.


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