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Biochemistry which involves a wide range of serum safety analysis, urine chemistry, special chemistry and endocrinology. Some of the analysis includes liver enzymes, ion-selective electrodes and allergens.

Hematology works with whole blood to perform full blood counts, blood film reading as well as many other specialised tests eg reticulocyte counting

Coagulation requires whole blood samples containing sodium citrate as an anticoagulant to analyze blood clotting times and coagulation factors.

Urinalysis analyses certain components such as protein, specific gravity and pH detected in the urine at specific levels. Microscopy reviewing of the urine sample will provide additional information on the urine status

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Eurofins Central Laboratory has been providing the pharmaceutical industry with a complete central laboratory package over the last 20 years. It has also been supporting clinical trials in more than 50 countries on 6 continents and is fully dedicated to providing standardized, high quality global central laboratory services to support all phases of clinical trials. Laboratory science is our main focus at Eurofins Global Central Laboratory.

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