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Skeye uses unmanned aircraft and rotor systems to produce aerial photography at low heights. This enables us to act quickly, flexibly and in a cost saving manner. The low heights yields unique and very high resolution imagery on which every detail can be seen. By using a geometrically calibrated camera and lens with additional ground control points it is possible to derive the coordinates of every pixel in the images. The imagery is further corrected for terrain heights and color differences due to changing sun conditions. All the imagery can then be mosaiced into one seamless orthophoto mosaic that can be directly imported into any CAD or GIS system and that can be used to map or measure.

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Skeye differentiates itself by taking operations with unmanned aircraft very serious. Our clients require a reliable and professional supplier for high quality inspections, aerial surveys and aerial imagery. By taking quality and safety seriously by engaging with our client and local aviation authorities Skeye ensures a suitable and safe concept of operations for any mission.

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