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We preserve and defend the measurement standards in which all commerce is built upon in order to deliver fair competition in the Arizona market place.

We ensure that commercial devices (scales,  vapor recovery, liquid petroleum gas, etc.) used for the sale of commodities by weight, measure or count, are licensed and accurate.

We work to prevent unfair dealing by weight, measure or count, and the Division conducts regular inspections and investigations of potential fraud in commodities.

We maintain the state's primary standards (those measurements upon which all other measurement is based).

We ensure proper labeling of products sold by weight, measure or count (a gallon of gas is a gallon; your breakfast cereal weighs 20 oz. as stated on the package, etc.).

We ensure that prices are posted and items are scanned correctly.  The Department conducts regular inspections to ensure compliance by retail businesses. 

We license weigh-masters who are responsible for weight certification.

We regulate Arizona Cleaner Burning Gasoline; regulate vapor recovery environmental programs.

Organization Profile Overview

The Division’s mission is to promote equity and fairness of Arizona commerce involving weighing or measuring for commercial purposes by regulating and supporting businesses in a manner that protects both the buyers and sellers interests.  The Division carries out its mission by maintaining the State standards of weight and measure based on national standards maintained by the Federal government, licensing weighing and measuring devices used in Arizona.

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