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Opus Inspection provides turnkey program deployment and management services in partnership with various levels of governmental authority (federal, state, or regional).  Our specialized experience ensures smooth program implementation and operation.  Opus Inspection offers a full range of services for our customers, from program inception to management, including:

Setup and modification of inspection facilities;

Program evaluation;

Program design and key business rules assessment;

Detailed systems specifications development, including required hardware and software descriptions (such as test procedures, quality control, communications, and administration requirements);

Design, development, and commissioning of all required systems, including inspection systems, VID, help desk, program website, and much more;

System acceptance testing certification (centralized and decentralized programs);

Program management and operations staffing;

Inspector and state staff training;

Quality assurance and control for the entire network;

Final program evaluation;

Key program enhancements assessment;

Vehicle inspection equipment manufacturing and automation; and

Public information and education campaigns.

Opus Inspection has always been closely involved with various environmental protection regulatory authorities and vehicle registration authorities. In fact, Opus Inspection has been a key player in regard to the development of system specifications and test procedures throughout the world. To date, Opus Inspection employees have participated in over 30 worldwide I/M programs in various capacities.

Opus Inspection has significant experience in automotive test equipment engineering, systems development, and emissions research. Opus Inspection has provided the engineering, specification development, and certification of numerous testing platforms, including OBDII, Remote OBD, ASM, Two Speed Idle, Diesel Smoke, Safety, IM240, VMAS, and Evaporative Emissions Systems.

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Our uVID suite combines powerful tools into a single interface so the user can perform tasks like configuration, reporting, and analysis without having to navigate between several pages.  We provide audience-centric views (for example, a page incorporating all tools used by an auditor) and entity-based pages (for example, a page incorporating all tools used to manage a station). 

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