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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Professional filed: Robotics and AI
  • Academic degree: PHD candidate
  • Working language: English
  • Working life: ten year
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  • Service form: Canada
  • Graduated school:
  • Academic degree: PHD candidate

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My research and teaching Interest is Computer-Assisted Surgery. This is a fascinating and complex field that covers medical imaging, image computing, scientific visualization, surgical planning and navigation, robotics, biosensors and, perhaps most importantly, integration of all these into workable clinical systems and translating them to clinical use. I further specialize in robot-assisted minimally invasive percutaneous (through the skin) surgeries performed under real-time image guidance, with primary application in the detection and treatment of cancer. Please visit my Laboratory for Percutaneous Surgery, or as we call it affectionately: the Perk Lab, online.

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