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  • Nationality:United States
  • Professional filed: Advanced materials
  • Academic degree: PHD candidate
  • Working language: English
  • Working life: ten year
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  • Service form: United States
  • Graduated school: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Academic degree: PHD candidate

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Robert Joseph Cava (born 1951) is a solid-state chemist at Princeton University where he holds the title Russell Wellman Moore Professor of Chemistry. Previously, Professor Cava worked as a staff scientist at Bell labs from 1979–1996, where earned the title of Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff. As of 2016 his research investigates topological insulators, semimetals, superconductors, frustrated magnets and thermoelectrics.

Credentials & Honors

In recognition of his contributions to the fields, he was named fellow of the American Institute of Physics (1988)and elected to the National Academy of Sciences (2001). Acknowledging Cava's achievements, the National Academy of Science specifically pointed to his mastery of the ternary and quaternary oxides that produced materials possessing high-temperature superconductivity. In 1996 Cava received the Bernd T. Matthias Prize for new superconducting materials. In 2001 he became a Fellow of the American Physical Society.[citation needed] He received in 2011 the Humboldt Prize and in 2012 the Linus Pauling Award. In 2014 received Doctor Honoris Causa degree from the Gdańsk University of Technology. In addition to research, Cava's ability to connect with students while teaching has earned him several teaching awards, including the Fall 2002 Excellence in Teaching Award from Princeton University.
He was elected a Foreign Member of the Royal Society (ForMemRS) in 2016.

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